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There are few things as entertaining for music fans as a live concert by their favorite artists. An upcoming live show provides exactly this opportunity for music fans out there. With scintillating performances by Katy Perry and the Capital Cities band, this upcoming concert promises to be an amazing music extravaganza. The combination of Perry’s club-ready dance beats and charismatic stage presence will delight the audience. At the same time, indie based electronic music by the Capital Cities band will infuse them with energy and passion. So it is not a surprise to see that Katy Perry and Capital Cities tickets are selling out so fast. Hurry to get your tickets before there are none left in stocks.

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About Katy Perry Capital Cities


Katy Perry is a proficient singer, songwriter and actress. Katy developed an interest for music at a very young age, but due to limited exposure to pop and rock music, her initial passion was to pursue a career in gospel music. Her debut release in 2001, titled ‘Katy Hudson’ could be classified under the gospel umbrella. With the passage of time however, the Christian artist not only transformed her music, but herself too, as she became a bona fide pop star. Her rise on the music scene as a pop star took place in 2008, with the release of her second album, ‘One of the Boys’. The album made it to the top ten in the US and officially established Katy Perry as a legit pop star. To date the artist has released four studio albums and has completed several immensely successful tours. Her latest album, ‘Prism’ was released in 2013, and continuing her success story, it made it to the Billboard 200 chart.


However, to truly enjoy Katy Perry’s music, you have to attend one of her concerts. Her albums continue to be best selling records, but what truly sets her apart, is her live performances. Now Perry is coming together with Capital Cities for a live concert which is expected to draw huge crowds from all over the country. Capital Cities is the second attraction for the upcoming event. Operating in the indie, jazz, synthpop and electronic genres, the ensemble has a repertoire of highly energetic songs. Capital Cities is essentially a duo, consisting of founding members Sebu Simonian and Ryan Merchant. However, their live performances include four other musicians, including bassist Manuel Quintero, drummer Channing Holmes, guitarist Nick Merwin and trumpeter Spencer Ludwig.


The first public release by the group was an independent EP, titled ‘Safe and Sound’, which was released online in 2011. The upbeat album meshed melody with synth beats, to produce an infectious sound. Itwent on to become multi-platinum in US, Germany, Canada, Mexico and in several other countries.


 This release officially kick started the music career of the band, and they have now released their debut album in 2013. Titled ‘In a Tidal Wave of Mystery’, this album follows their signature indie rock and electronic music style but adds a touch of dance pop to the mixture as well. This album is just the first milestone in the band’s journey to stardom. The talented ensemble has toured internationally and has performed at several important festivals. Now this group is coming to your city to perform. Katy Perry and Capital Cities are quite different musically, but they are both renowned for giving their fans a great time in at their concerts. Katy Perry and Capital Cities tickets are selling out fast. Get your tickets today and join the dancing and singing crowd in a fun filled concert.


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