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Every child artist has to go through a transformation at some point in their careers. This is to ensure that their legacy lives on and that they can keep developing as musicians. However not all of them are able to accomplish this feat, with only a few notable exceptions, like Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder. In recent years Justin Bieber has also exhibited the same kind of determination for change and is showcasing a new found maturity, one that will help in the future.  

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Listen to the tune

Bieber released his first full length album, titled “My World 2.0” in 2010, and even though it was a great success, it was a particular song on the album that truly turned him into a household name. Called “Baby,” it was released as the lead single and featured popular rapper Ludacris as well.

The song managed to sell over three million copies in the US and was certified twelve times platinum in the country. It also made it to number five on the Billboard charts and number three on the UK music charts.

It will guide you to greatness

Bieber later released three more songs as singles from the album and saw two of them, “Eenie Meenie” and “Somebody to Love” record multiplatinum sales in the US as well. The former managed to achieve this feat in Australia and New Zealand as well, showcasing his amazing fan following around the world. If you are part of this following, then get your Justin Bieber Barcelona tickets and enjoy his show, live at the Palau Sant Jordi.