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With sales of over 100 million records only in France and more than thirty number one hit singles, Johnny Hallyday is considered the French comparison of Elvis Presley. He is also a recipient of a Legion of Honor medal given to him by the French President in 1997. The following year Johnny performed remarkable concerts commemorating France’s first championship in soccer World Cup tournament. Johnny Hallyday is indeed France’s only full-fledged rock star of his era. His contemporaries might have had the interest for rock and roll, but no one had his knack for music, regard for original sources or his stature as a performer of music routines. This distinctive French phenomenon is now coming to perform in Los Angeles. Hurry and get your Johnny Hallyday tickets before there are none left in stocks. His live concert is definitely not worth missing.

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About Johnny Hallyday


Johnny Hallyday learnt dancing, singing and started playing guitar at a very young age. He also started acting in short films while he was in his teens. At the age of fourteen, he discovered Elvis Presley and started idolizing his music. In his later career, not only did he impersonate many exceptional works of his idol but even his own professional trajectory and cross-generational appeal mirrored that of Presley. Even after decades of hugely successful career, the multi-million selling music icon is still a heartthrob all across the world. Hallyday not only introduced French music arenas to American rock & roll but also created the quintessential French balladry to elevate the French music to international level.


Johnny Hallyday’s life was exactly how a tabloid would call a rock star’s life; high profile romances and breakups, a taste for motorcycles and auto racing; all with a streak of rebellion against the normal manner of living. Despite all this fascination from foreign culture of rock stars, Johnny was able to keep alive the inherent French spirit in his work and music. A major chunk of his repertoire comprised of French covers of some extraordinary American rock hits. Perhaps this much focus on French was the reason that Johnny Hallyday could not gain as much popularity in Americas as his home country. But nevertheless his punchy interpretations and rebellious trappings of the songs brought out absolutely impeccable works for global listeners.


In an immensely successful career spanning over more than five decades, the incredible rock artist has completed record a 181 tours, released eighteen certified platinum albums and has sold more than a hundred million records worldwide. Even though the star has announced his retirement from performing, he has announced that he will be holding a couple of shows as his farewell performances. This is a golden chance for all the rock fans to watch their favorite music icon performing live one last time before he leaves the stage for good. Tickets for his upcoming shows are selling out fast as fans can hardly wait to see their favorite rock star. Hurry to get yours before there are none left in stocks.


Johnny Hallyday has had many ups and downs in his personal life. Apart from several marriages and divorces, he also had to face legal charges due to some of his rock star tendencies to go outlawed. However, none of these hardships has been able to keep the diligent artist away from his work. Neither has he allowed any personal issues come in the way of the exuberance of his music and performances. With a  record of spectacular live concerts, this rock music legend from France is coming to Los Angeles to set the stage ablaze. All you need to do to watch this artist in live action is to buy your Johnny Hallyday tickets before they are all sold out. Do not miss the chance of becoming a part of this upcoming concert with brilliant music beats and energetic performances.


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