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Grammy Award winning singer and song writer, John Mayer found an instantaneous success soon after the release of his debut album. And with the hit singles like "Your Body is a Wonderland" and "Waiting on the World to Change", John Mayer easily established his fame as a solo artist as well.

About John Mayer

Born on October 16, 1977 in Bridgeport Connecticut, John Mayer found himself deeply in love with the Guitar soon after he saw the performance of Michael J Fox. Mayer got his hands on a guitar when his father rented him one, after he turned 13. With the passion learn the instrument; Mayer started taking guitar lessons from a local music store. After having enough guitar practice, Mayer decided to take his act live, and started performing at local blues bar and clubs.

During that time, John Mayer became a part of a band called Villanova Junction. Since he was in high school them, he decided to drop out to pursue a career in music. But upon disapproval of his parents, Mayer enrolled himself in Berklee College of Music in Boston. While there, Mayer met Clay Cook, with whom he moved to Atlanta Georgia, after attending two semesters, in order to further himself in the music industry. In Atlanta both of them formed a duo and started performing in coffee houses and clubs. But later, as the duo discovered differences in each other's musical taste, both of them parted ways and Mayer emerged as a solo artist.

John Mayer started working with Glenn Matullo in order to independently produce his debut E.P entitled Inside Wants Out. Thanks to his EP, Mayer's fame started to rise, and he finally scored his first record deal with the Aware Records. Thereafter, Mayer made an appearance at the Aware festival and in the year 2001, his debut album titled Room For Squares was released on internet only. Later on, the Aware Records struck a deal with Columbia Records, and after they picked the artists signed with Aware Records, John Mayer made his major label debut with the release of reworked version of Room for Squares.

With the release, there came several hit singles to Mayer's name. With hits songs like Why Georgia, Your Body is a Wonderland and No Such Thing; Mayer started establishing a sound fan base for himself. Moreover, he also earned a Grammy Award for the Best Male Pop Vocal Performance for his single Your Body is a Wonderland.

In the year 2003, John Mayer released his second solo album titled Heavier Things, which did great commercially. Critically, the album received positive reviews overall and peaked at the #1 spot on the US Billboard 200 Chart. Although the album didn't sell as much as his first album did, but still Mayer was able to score his first #1 hit single titled Daughters. Apart from that, he also claimed a Grammy for Song of the Year for the same track. Not just that, he also won a Grammy for Best male Pop Vocal Performance.

Later in 2005, Mayer formed the John Mayer trio which featured drummer Steve Jordan and Bassist Pino Palladino along with himself. The music that the trio has produced contains a fusion of both rock and blues music. In 2006 John Mayer was honored with a Hal David Starlight Award at the Songwriters Hall of Fame Ceremony.

John Mayer took another step in his solo career by released his third studio album titled Continuum. The album was released in September, 2006 and spawned hits like Vultures and Gravity. The album also featured Waiting on the World to Change, which was the first single from the album and soon it became the 3rd most downloaded track of that time. Mayer released his most recent studio album Battle Studies in November 2009, which debuted at the #1 spot on U.S Billboard charts. Presently cheap John Mayer Tickets is also hyped up and ready for his concert tour, in which he will be hitting your nearest venue at your own city. So its better that you equip yourself with the John Mayer Tickets before the stock runs out.

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