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Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR) was perhaps one of the best and most technically gifted rock bands of the late sixties, as they managed to redefine the genre for countless bands in the future. The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame inductees managed to sell over twenty five million albums in the US and it was all down to their lead singer, lead guitarist and primary songwriter John Fogerty.

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Walking in a hurricane

Fogerty was born in 1945 and he started to learn to play the guitar from an early age. He and his older brother, who was the rhythm guitar player in CCR, met all their future band members while they were at high school together. The group was finally formed in 1967 and released their self titled debut effort a year later. All in all they have released seven albums, of which five made it into the top ten of the Billboard charts, while six were certified either platinum or multiplatinum in the US.  

A change in the weather

Fogerty embarked on his solo career after the breakup of CCR in 1972. He released his first album, titled “The Blue Ridge Rangers” in 1973, and it only managed to get to number forty seven on the Billboard charts. He has since released eight more albums, of which his 1985 effort “Centerfield” was the only one to top the charts and be certified platinum, in the US.

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