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His work speaks volumes and his services to the field of classical as well as jazz and new wave music are commendable. Joe Jackson is among the most respected and sought after music artists of modern times, he certainly knows the art of entertaining and that’s a reason that his fan base continues to increase. Jackson will soon be in your town to give a memorable melodic performance so better be ready for the big event, just grab Joe Jackson tickets now and let the music kick off.

About Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson is British and his complete name is David Ian Jackson. He was born in Trent England in August 1954. While he was just a kid he started playing violin but soon shifted to piano which he continues to play till date. During his teens Jackson was playing the piano at various local bars and it was during this time that he won a scholarship for music study and joined the world famous Royal Academy of Music where he did his degree in musical Composition. Jackson is a true multi-instrumentalist and has a firm grip when it comes to playing instruments like harmonica, saxophone, piano, keyboards and accordion. He has worked with big music labels like Sony and A&M Records.
Joe Jackson has a long career history and during this time he has released a whopping twenty studio albums in a number of genres like jazz, classical, punk, blues and even ska. His albums that managed to chart in different countries include Look Sharp, I’m The Man, Beat Crazy, Jumpin Live, Night and Day, Big World, Will Power, Blaze of Glory, Body and Soul and Laughter & Lust. He also released eight live albums out of which one managed to land at #66 on UK charts. One of his compilation albums Stepping Out: The Very Best of Joe Jackson reached the #7 position on UK charts. Joe Jackson has also got a number of singles that charted, these singles include “Is She Really Going Out with Him”, “It’s Different for Girls”, “Steppin Out”, “Breaking Us in Two”, “Happy Ending”, “Left of Center”, “He is a Shape in Drape”, “Nineteen Forever”, “Stranger Than Fiction” and “Stranger Than You”. Joe Jackson is also an author and he wrote his biography in the year 1999 and he named it A Cure for Gravity.
In the year 2011 Joe Jackson won a Grammy Award in the category of Best Pop Instrumental Album for his album Symphony No.1. Joe has performed with artists like William Shatner, Suzzanne Vega, Graham Maby and Todd Rundgren.  Many bands of modern era have played cover versions of his songs such as metal band Anthrax re-recorded “Got the Time”, punk bands like Pansy Division, Buck O’Nine and Goldfinger have played Jackson songs. “Steppin Out” song can be heard in the soundtrack of the famous video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.s
No matter what your preference is; jazz, classical, new wave, punk or even jazz pop, Joe Jackson has got some music of your interest in his performance lineup. Joe Jackson tickets are available now so book them and enjoy.

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