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Folk music is considered by many to perfectly encapsulate the ideas of peace and social justice. It’s usually soft sound, coupled with relatable lyrics, have been used to sing about the various problems facing humanity and the steps that can be taken to solve them. Some of history’s most politically active musicians have      used this genre of music to do just that and it is no wonder that the great Joan Baez was also attracted to folk music, when she first started off in the industry, over fifty five years ago.

About Joan Baez

A sea of people

Joan Baez’s penchant for singing about topics that really matter and her desire to stand up for the disenfranchised led her to become one of the most popular artists of the seventies. She became a figurehead for people to rally behind, while her songs became anthems for a whole new generation of people around the world. Now she is making a return to the stage and you can be there to experience her performance for yourself as well. Just book your Joan Baez tickets and enjoy the show, live from the stands.  

Baez was born in 1941, to loving and supporting parents. They encouraged her to follow her dreams, yet at the same time they also taught her the importance of fighting for your basic rights and helping people in need. The message resonated with Baez on a personal level as her Mexican heritage made her a target for racism on several occasions and strengthened her resolve to try and change the world in any way she could.  

In front of the stage

Baez had realized at an early age that she had been gifted with an amazing singing voice. However it wasn’t till she attended a Pete Seeger concert that she realized the impact music could have on a group of people. She started by learning to play the Ukulele and soon after moved on to fully fledged guitars. When she felt she was ready, she started to perform in small time venues and it was here that she met Bill Wood and Ted Alevizos.

In 1959, the three musicians decided to make an album together, which they called “Folksingers 'Round Harvard Square.” The album featured a total of eighteen songs, six of which were original compositions from Baez, while she also collaborated with Wood on three other songs. Even though the album did not make much of an impact when it was first released, it was reissued four years later, at which point it made it into the top fifty of the Billboard charts.  

Waiting to hear your voice

Later that same year, Baez got the chance to perform with popular folk singer Bob Gibson, which brought her into the mainstream. She signed her first recording contract not long after and released her debut self titled album in 1960. The record was certified gold in the US and made it to number fifteen on the Billboard pop music charts. It also managed to get to number nine on the UK music charts and truly announced her arrival on the big stage.

She has since released over forty five albums to date, of which twenty one are live, while the rest are studio albums. Of these eight have been certified gold in the US and six have made it into the top twenty of the Billboard pop music charts. Her highest rated song has been “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down,” which was released in 1971 and was certified gold in the US. It also made it to number three on the Billboard charts and topped the US Hot Adult Contemporary music charts.

Now this Grammy Award winner for “Lifetime Achievement” is heading back to the stage and if you want to see her in her element, then here is your chance. Just get your Joan Baez tickets and listen to her incredible voice, live.