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An experienced folk singer of the 60s, Joan Baez is booked for an upcoming concert in your very city. The 72 year old singer/songwriter has a unique voice that has the power touch the listener’s heart. To listen to her incredible vocals and soulful melodies live, get your hands on cheap Joan Baez tickets today.

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About Joan Baez Indigo Girls

Joan Baez started making music and performing at various coffeehouses in the late 50s. After getting her first major gig at the Newport Folk Festival, the artist garnered immediate success. Joan is respected by countless music lovers for her unique vocal abilities and strong vibrato. On top of that, she is also a remarkable lyricist. Most of her songs have topics that focus on social issues that anyone can easily relate to.
In the past five decades of her career, Joan Baez has created some great music having elements of folk, pop, country, folk rock and gospel music. The gifted folk artist is highly respected by many musicians of the industry. She has worked with several big names of the industry as a partner, a guide and an interpreter. So far, Joan has helped The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Jackson Browne, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and several legends of the music industry in their recordings. Her musical approach and aesthetics are admired by her fans, fellow musicians and various critics around the world. She is also one of the few folk artists to have a flawless fluency in both English and Spanish. Joan has also released multiple songs in at least six other languages. The diversification in her musical style is the reason why people love listening to her music over and over again.
Joan Baez is among the very few female folk singers to have performed for over 55 years and released more than 30 studio albums to date.  She began her recording career in the early 60s and her first ever musical project as a solo artist was a self-titled album, Joan Baez. Her debut album generated a remarkable turnover and received a Gold certification from the RIAA. The well-known internet publication, Allmusic gave the record five out of five stars and complimented on Joan’s purity in sound. Following the success of her debut project, the motivated folk singer came up with her second album, Joan Beaz Vol. 2. It was certified Gold and received a Grammy Award nomination for the “Best Contemporary Folk Performance.” Songs such as “Banks of Ohio,” “The Trees They Do Grow High” and “Lily of the West” received a lot of airplay on the radio. Some of her recent studio albums consist of Gone from Danger, Day After Tomorrow and Dark Chords on a Big Guitar. So far the biggest hits of Joan Baez include “Diamonds & Rust,” “Love is Just a Four-Letter Word,” and “We Shall Overcome.” Come listen to all these amazing numbers by getting your Joan Baez tickets from us.  
In most of her live concerts, Joan Baez plays multiple instruments including the piano, ukulele and guitar. Apart from her own tours, the talented folk singer has also been seen performing at various music festivals such as the Woodstock Festival and Newport Folk Festival. She has performed live in various countries and this time it is your turn to get entertained by her outstanding singing skills. Despite her age, her concerts are full of energy and leave the crowd asking for more. The musician makes sure that every time she steps on the stage, she gives the fans the time of their life.  If you never got the chance to see her live, here’s the opportunity now. Buy Joan Baez tickets as soon as you can.  

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