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Jimmy Buffet is an extremely talented American artist who has opted for numerous occupations and is doing equally good in all of them. He was born in 1946 and started off his career with music in the late sixties. His music incorporates many genres and every album is different in style from the older ones. His style is illustrated as "Gulf and Western". The release of his latest album in 2010 made the album count ‘thirty’. Not only does he diversify his music style, but also his work. Apart from singing, he is an excellent author, in fact one of the very few authors to become #1 in both fiction and non-fiction simultaneously. "Where Is Joe Merchant?", "Tales from Margaritaville", and "A Pirate Looks At Fifty" are his top bestseller books. He also writes scripts and songs for films.

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 Jimmy Buffet runs two profitable restaurant chains, which he named on his hit songs "Cheeseburger in Paradise" and "Margaritaville". Apart from business, he is also doing noticeable work for charity. His live shows are very popular in various parts of the world. Fans simply love his performance on stage. Jimmy has chosen 8-10 songs, which he includes in every performance. He also owns two minor baseball teams with partners. Buffet is an inspiration for many people and has set an example for the young artists. Watching a live performance by such an amazing artist would be nothing less than a treat. Get your Jimmy Buffett Kansas City Tickets and enjoy the rocking performance!


Jimmy Buffet is a multi-occupational, very talented man who is unbeaten in all the careers. The excellent musician, best seller author, successful businessman and movie producer started his career in the late sixties with music. He released his debut album in 1968. Jimmy doesn’t restrict to only one or two genres, in fact he has produced music of various kinds. His music style is generally described as "Gulf and Western". He has released 30 albums so far, the latest one came to market in 2010.

As an author, he has achieved the heights of success by becoming the top author in fiction and non-fiction at the same time. The #1 bestseller books by Jimmy Buffet include "Tales from Margaritaville", "Where Is Joe Merchant?" and "A Pirate Looks At Fifty". He has also been doing a lot of charity work alongside other things. Jimmy runs two chain restaurants, which he named on his best songs "Cheeseburger in Paradise" and "Margaritaville".    

Jimmy Buffet is extremely popular for his very entertaining and worth-watching live shows. He has made a list of his ten most amazing songs, which he definitely sings at every live show. He also writes songs for movies and partly owns two minor baseball teams. The 63 year old extremely talented artist leaves you astonished when he performs. Buffet has set an example for many young people. Grab the chance to see his magical performance live and get your Jimmy Buffett Sprint Center Tickets now!


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A:Yes, you can buy Jimmy Buffett Kansas City Tickets from the will call window if the option is available.