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A special concert is hitting the road this summer and stopping at several cities across America. This One’s For You Tour 2014 is a wild country music ride. When it stops at Detroit this July, it will showcase the works of multi-talented Jimmy Buffett along with the renowned John Fogerty. Over the past few decades, their fans have hardly ever seen these two music maestros perform together. Jimmy Buffett and John Fogerty tickets now bring you this rare opportunity to enjoy the duos entertaining music. This is a concert for all generations and cannot be missed. Hurry up and reserve your tickets today before they all sell out.

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About Jimmy Buffett John Fogerty


Jimmy Buffett along with the Coral Reefer Band has performed all over on their annual summer tours. Their upcoming concert at Comerica Park Detroit is exceptional because they will be joined by John Fogerty. These musical maestros have distinctive styles of country music, yet they have come together for the love of their fans. Located in downtown Detroit, the open-air baseball park will be converted into the concert venue. More than forty thousand people can be accommodated in this stadium and rightly so because the power duo of Jimmy Buffett and John Fogerty is already pulling thousands of their fans to the concert venue.


Jimmy Buffett will kick-off with his unique gulf and western music style. He has gained popularity due to his distinctive music style which is inspired from the ‘island escapism’ lifestyle. Jimmy Buffett was born in Mississippi; spent his childhood in Alabama but shifted to Nashville to find his place in the country music world. His debut album Down to Earth was released in 1970. He then moved to Key West, a town that formed the basis of his original music style. It was here that Buffett combined the pop, country and folk-rock music genres with tropical and coastal themes to develop the ‘gulf and western’ sound.


Buffett went ahead and released many albums including Living & Dying in ¾ Time, Havana Daydreamin’ and Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes. This 1977 album featured his smash hit song Margaritaville that rose to the No.1 position on the Adult Contemporary Charts. To this day, he continues to release albums and keeps performing at jam-packed concerts. Some of his all-time favorite songs include Come Monday, Volcano, A Pirate Looks at Forty, Cheeseburger in Paradise and many more. For his exceptional contribution to music, he has earned the love of a loyal fan base who proudly call themselves ‘Parrotheads’, a term coined at one of his 1985 concerts. Interestingly the children of this devoted fan base are called ‘Parakeets’.


To double the entertainment at the concert, one of the ‘100 Greatest Guitarists’ as listed by the Rolling Stone Magazine, will be joining Jimmy Buffett. John Fogerty, who has spent almost five decades as a singer-songwriter and musician, will be taking the stage. He will bring with him his exceptional country music style which includes rock and roll, country rock and the blues rock genres. Having risen to fame with Creedence Clearwater Revival Band and then excelling as a solo artist, his concerts are a treat for country music fans.


Born and brought up in California, Fogerty started playing in a band with his brother and later took the position of lead vocalist. After leaving the band, he pursued a solo career which was a slow rise to success. In 1985 he made a strong comeback with his chart-topping album Centerfield which included the hit single The Old man Down the Road. Another successful release came in 1997 with the Grammy award winning album Blue Moon Swamp. Although his songs and albums have received generous critical and commercial acclaim, he is most popular for his crowded concerts. To date, his energy-filled concerts are a complete entertainment package for his fans.


When two amazing country music artists perform together this summer, get ready for a night to remember. Both of them are bringing hit songs from their vast discographies, with each song having a unique flavor. From country rock to gulf and western sounds, there is a lot to experience in this concert. Jimmy Buffett & John Fogerty tickets are available now so book your country music entertainment night today.


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