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Among the glimmering lights of showbiz, there are people who concentrate only on quality and audience remembers them because of their unique style of performance and depth of their talent. Among the top few names of such entertainers is Jeff Mangum.

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Basically from Ruston, Louisiana, American musician Jeff Mangum was born on October 24, 1970. The artist gained most of his fame as the lead guitarist, vocalist and lyricist for the band named Neutral Milk Hotel. He is also among the founders of the famous The Elephant 6 Recording Company. Jeff and his friends that later founded the recording company knew each other right from their school days in late 1980s when they all attended Ruston High School. Even in those days they were all hard core music fans and loved the newer rock style of music. Their passion for rock bands was at its maximum during 1960s that culminated in the formation of their own musical group with the name of Neutral Milk Hotel.
Jeff Mangum started his professional career as a musician in Synthetic Flying Machine, a group that featured Bill Doss the bassist and Will Cullen Hart the guitarist along with Jeff Mangum who used to play drums for the band. It was disbanded in early 1990s with Mangum embarking on a solo journey. Soon afterwards, he released his debut album with the title of On Avery Island. The album was a result of a year long tireless efforts by Jeff Mangum as a songwriter, as well as a musician. It was a collaborated effort with contributions from Robert Schneider when both Schneider and Mangum recorded it in Denver, Colorado. Pet Sounds Studio of Schneider was the place of recording, and it was the first venture of the two founder members of Neutral Milk Hotel.
By 1998, Jeff Mangum had established his band as an upcoming rock sensation, and hired more people to work with his for Neutral Milk Hotel. At that time the band released its second album titled In the Aeroplane over the Sea. Like its predecessor, the new release was also a huge commercial success that was probably too much to handle for a newly formed band, and as a result of conflicts arising between the various members, Neutral Milk Hotel was disbanded.
After the official breakup of the band, Jeff Mangum has avoided public appearances deliberately and more often his recorded work is what is presented in front of his fans. Nevertheless, there have been times when he has performed in public and received warm welcome and positive reviews. One such appearance was in 2001 when he performed along with Julian Koster who was also a colleague formerly in Neutral Milk Hotel. The two also released an album of their collaborated work with the title of Major Organ and the Adding Machine. Some of the other significant musicians that had a role in that release include Eric Harris, Kevin Barnes, Will Cullen Hart and Andrew Riegar. The performances and the release were appreciated greatly by the public, encouraging Jeff Mangum to work further.

Later that year, he also released an album titled Orange Twin Field Works: Volume 1 that was a compilation of Bulgarian Folk Music. It was shortly followed by another release titled Live at Jittery Joe’s. The albums were successful commercially, and in a way put Jeff Mangum back on his track of commercial success. Later in the decade, the artist has been performing frequently, solo as well as in collaboration with other artists like Cranberry Lifecycle, The Apples in the Stereo, Elf Power and Major Organ and the Adding Machine. He has always remained a popular musician and his work as a solo performer as well as with his fellow performers has always been critically and commercially acclaimed. For people who love music and have a good taste for quality performances, Jeff Mangum Tickets offer an ultimate source of musical entertainment.

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