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Having earned a reputation as a renowned and versatile actor, Jeff Bridges doesn’t cease to entertain his audience as a musician. Known for his iconic roles in films like “The Last Picture Show”, “Jagged Edge”, “Against All Odds”, “Tron: Legacy” and “Crazy Heart”, the actor explored his passion for music in early 2000s. Jeff Bridges, along with brilliant songwriters, composers and singers plans to amuse his fans in various cities. To make sure that you don’t miss out such an exciting event, tickets for Jeff Bridges and The Abiders concert are available at our website. Buy Jeff Bridges tickets from our website to confirm your presence for a great show.

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About Jeff Bridges

Inspired from the music choices of his brother, Jeff loved playing music as a teenager. His mother specifically encouraged him to learn and play piano as he grew up. The Academy Award winning actor made his debut as a singer in January 2000 and released his first album “Be Here Soon”. His second album “Jeff Bridges” came out in August 2011. Produced by Grammy Award winner and Bridges’ friend, T-bone Burnett, the album is a soulful blend of tunes from his movie “Crazy Heart” in which he plays the role of a country music singer. Drawing a connection between his acting and music life wouldn’t have been difficult for him as he slips smoothly in every role with great comfort and ease. “There are more similarities than differences,” Jeff says. Perhaps this is the reason that he is able to do justice to his passion for music. Having done two movies in a go, Jeff now plans to take a break from acting for a while and devote all of his efforts to music.

One of the youngest actors to be nominated for an Oscar, Jeff Bridges has six Academy Award nominations for different time periods, out of which he won one for “Crazy Heart”. His music is a reflection of different roles that he performed throughout his acting career, his inspirations and different classic anecdotes. A true artist that the viewers have been seeing and admiring for years, will yet again reveal his soul and passion through music onstage during the Jeff Bridges and The Abiders concert. Widely known as “The Dude” among his co actors and music pals, Jeff maintains this image because of his cool persona that comes across through his music. His songs offer rich taste, meaningful treatment and a touch of liveliness that gives him the edge.

Not only is he a man of many talents but also a soft and humble human. Jeff Bridges has been an active member of “Share Our Strength” to eradicate hunger and poverty during world hunger crises. He also co-authored a book titled “The Dude and the zen Master” with Roshi Bernie Glassman.   Emerging as a star in music, Jeff does what he loves. His understanding of classic music artists combined with his unique and fresh perspective sets him apart from rest of the musicians in the industry. With a new direction and passion, he is ready to make history in music. Along with his talented crew, he is prepared to sail the music ship to your city. With class and excellence, Jeff is set to take stage in different cities around the globe. If you look forward for a refreshing experience with a star like Jeff Bridges and for excitingly affordable packages, then you have spotted the right option. Our website offers amazing deals for Jeff Bridges and The Abiders concert. Now you can buy quality entertainment without letting go of your budget constraints. To make sure you get an appropriate package that fits your budget, Cheap Jeff Bridges tickets are available at our website. Be the first one to buy Jeff Bridges and The Abiders tickets. Buckle up and get your hands on them fast for a refreshing musical experience.

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