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Some names in music industry are engrained just perfectly that it gets hard to part with them. Same is the case with Jay Black, Jay Siegel & The Tokens that have been glued together so well that now wonders are happening at stage where they are seen together. Jay Black, an American singer is also known as The Voice reached the heights of fame in 1960’s as the lead singer of the band Jay and the Americans. Giving numerous hits like Come a Little Bit Closer, Cara Mia and This Magical Moment the singer Jay Black became the voice of every concert and event of the times. Starting his career from Florida and New York, Jay Black got attracted towards stand-up comedy accompanied by his singing career. Initially belonging to the doo-wop group, Jay Black earlier used David Black as his stage name but changed it in no time as it did not suit the band.

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Terming it to be an extraordinary ordeal to gather together by the street corner and sing doo-wop style in New York during 50’s and 60’s. History of Brooklyn testifies to the talent of one noted name Jay Siegel who broke the music records like anything.  Reaching the top of pop charts in 1961, The Tokens reemerged with a bang after the lapse of 30 years. The distinction of being the second longest chart topping single by The Tokens is the honor that no other band has ever achieved. The single The Lion Sleeps Tonight released in 1961 became the hall mark of the band The Tokens and even now after the re-release of the single the popularity is ever growing. The Tokens became the significant emblem of Brooklyn as they emerged in 1955 and gained fame in 1960 as the most noted band of the times. The Tokens was rated on number 15 at Billboard Hot 100 Charts and won them new recording accomplishments. The singles The Lion Sleeps Tonight and Tonight I Fell in Love became a huge success and sold over a million copies with the gold disc awarding.
Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the hit single The Lion Sleeps Tonight in 2011 the band The Tokens is reaching the heights of fan following like anything. This season Jay Black, Jay Siegel & The Tokens are coming together once again to mesmerize the doo-wop lovers like never before. A simple hit combination of Jay Black, Jay Siegel & the Tokens is gathering a large fan base promising to give an evening worth remembering and truly enjoyable. Some of the popular and hit pop classics like The Chiffons, He’s So Fine and One Fine Day have added to the fame of The Tokens too.
The Tokens has enjoyed the ventures like the successful recording of the hit commercial jingles in 1970’s and 1980’s. Accompanied performances with the huge names like The Beetles, Little Richard and Chuck Berry are also an added advantage to the band. The exquisite combo performance of Jay Black, Jay Siegel & The Tokens is expected to take the breath away as the artists are all ready to give an evening worth remembering. Jay Siegel has the talent evident from his performances and very few artists can entertain like him.
Stay focused as Jay Black, Jay Siegel & the Tokens tickets assure you to be the part of the crowd worth spending an evening with. A time hard to forget, the performance will amaze you this approaching holiday season for you and make your time worth recalling. Grab cheap Jay Black, Jay Siegel & The Tokens tickets right away and relish the performance of the season that will remind you of a time worth spending. A crowd crazy about the doo-wop style and the performance worth reckoning, this opportunity has to be grabbed no matter what!

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