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Multiple Grammy Awards, scores of Billboard hits and several best-selling albums; there isn't much this pop and R&B queen has not achieved. An influential and enduring presence on the music scene, it is hard to trump Janet Jackson's achievements.

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Noteworthy achievements

Having sold over a hundred-sixty million records worldwide, Janet ranks among the best-selling female recording artists in the industry. With a streak of consecutive Billboard top ten hits, she set a tough record to beat. Janet's groundbreaking choreography, lyrics and music style cemented her place among the top figures in the entertainment world, influencing countless later artists in the process. Some of her most popular hits include “All For You,” “Miss You Much” and “Together Again.” Hailed as a global superstar, the appeal of her music transcends cultural, geographical and generational boundaries.

The R&B diva makes a comeback

Janet recently had her legions of followers buzzing with excitement as she announced her return to recording after seven years of silence. She made her reappearance in style by winning the BET Ultimate Icon award and announcing her soon-to-be released album, My Conversations. The recent single “No Sleeep” from her upcoming album is already making waves on the Internet. The world is an oyster for this R&B diva as she heads on her upcoming Unbreakable Tour. Fans have waited long enough to listen to the iconic superstar once again and they will likely clamor for Janet Jackson Honolulu tickets. A born entertainer, Jackson knows how to captivate her audience, so her live gigs are hugely entertaining.


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