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If you take a look at pop music history you will come across a particular name that has really set the music industry ablaze with her music. That name is Janet Jackson. The artist who has sold out more than one sixty million records worldwide is now gearing up for a tour and will be making her presence felt at The Chicago Theatre shortly. Book your Janet Jackson Chicago tickets and catch her live in concert.

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Making it to the music industry

Janet Jackson, the youngest of the Jackson siblings was interested in making it as a horse racing jockey or an entertainment lawyer but fate had something else in store for her. She acted in a variety of shows at a young age including, The Jacksons, Good Times, A New Kind of Family and Diff’rent Strokes and later signed an agreement with A&M Records when she turned sixteen. Janet came out with her first self-titled album in 1982 and the rest is history.


Janet Jackson was ranked as the third most awarded artist in the history by Fuse and has four albums included in the Rolling Stones' list of ‘500 Greatest Albums.’ Not only that but she has also won six Grammy Awards and a whopping thirty three Billboard Music Awards on her way to becoming the eleventh most successful artist in the US. The artist is now heading to The Chicago Theatre as part of her tour where she will deliver a performance of a lifetime. If pop music is your thing, then this is your chance to be a part of an unforgettable concert.


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