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James McCartney is the son of the former Beatles member, Paul McCartney and following his father’s footsteps, has become an accomplished singer/songwriter himself. The artist has worked on his father’s solo albums such as Driving Rain and Flaming Pie. He has also been involved in several musical projects of his own and right now is on the road with his live concerts. Cheap James McCartney tickets are available now, so catch the artist set the stage ablaze.

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About James McCartney

As a child James helped his parents in their musical careers. With time, the young and passionate boy became one of the finest British musicians himself. At the age of nine, his father gave him a Fender Stratocaster, a classic electric guitar that was previously owned by the great musician Carl Perkins. From a very young age James McCartney has been playing the drums, guitar and even co-written some of the songs for his father’s solo albums. Some of those tracks are “Spinning on An Axis,” “Heaven on a Sunday” and “Back in the Sunshine Again.” James also served as the lead guitarist for his mother Linda McCartney’s album, Wide Prairie. Music is in his blood and it’s quite evident every time the artist grabs a microphone. He not just plays the guitar but is also a gifted pianist, drummer, mandolinist and bass player. Many critics refer to his music as the next generation version of The Beatles, which is undoubtedly a remarkable compliment for the artist.
In 2010, James McCartney released his debut EP, Available Light. Other than the original number, the cover of Neil Young’s “Old Man” also gained a lot of popularity. James stated that the music of the EP was inspired by the bands Nirvana, Radiohead, The Curve and of course The Beatles. Besides producing incredible compositions, the songs were also lauded for their lyrics. The artist has penned songs about love, spirituality, family and various other life problems. His second EP, Close At Hand also brought the artist a lot of fame and respect throughout the music industry. The critics stated that the album was ‘deep’, both spiritually and musically. After releasing a number of EPs, James McCartney is all set to release a full length studio album titled Me. All the fans willing to listen to the live versions of his latest tracks can get their James McCartney tickets today.
In 2005, James McCartney went on his first ever US tour along with his father Paul McCartney. His EP, Available Light gave him a chance to tour UK as a solo artist for the first time and since then the artist has been making various concert tours around the world. In an interview with BBC, James stated that he might form a band with the sons of the other original band members of The Beatles. Other than his upcoming US tour, James McCartney is also scheduled to perform live at the 2013 San Francisco’s Outside Lands Music Festival. All those who’ve attended his previous concerts have stated that his music is similar to that of The Beatles but he has his own unique style.
James McCartney has been present in the music industry for over a decade now. He has got the talent and the experience. His songwriting is said to be deep and meaningful. His vocal abilities have also earned him a great deal of fan following from around the world. James McCartney is a true rock musician and a superb entertainer. Come see him perform live by getting your James McCartney tickets from us.

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