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The J Geils Band is a rock band from the United States of America. This music band was created in 1967 in Worchester in Massachusetts. The music group has been complimented as being one of the greatest white American Blues music genre bands of all time. They are most famous for their mega hit single of 1981 called "Centerfold". This single of the band went on to the number one position in the United States in early 1982. In the 1970s, they played R&B influenced blues rock genre just prior to shifting towards the pop influenced genre in the decade of the 1980s. In 1985, the band had an initial breakup, however they have been reunited a number of times ever since.

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About J Geils Band

Apart from rock, blues rock and pop music genres, the band is also inclined towards the genre of rockabilly. They were greatly active in the music industry from 1967 till 1985, they reunited again in 1999, then in 2006 and have been recording and performing live continuously since 2009 till the present day. The music recording label companies that they have been associated with have been the Atlantic Records as well as the EMI America Records. The current lineup of the group consists of Peter Wolf, Danny Klein, Magic Dick and Seth Justman. Past members of the band have been Stephen Jo Bladd and J. Geils.
In the middle of the 1960s, the J Geils Band embarked upon their music journey as an acoustic blues trio. The trio comprised of John Geils (the guitarist), Richard Salwitz who goes by the name Magic Dick (plays the harmonica) and Danny Klein also known as Dr. Funk. Initially they named their band "Snoopy and the Sop with Camels". As John Geils attented the Worchester Polytechnic Institute, the three members of the band still managed to find time to play music. By 1967, the band switched its primary focus to just music and began to experiment with electric guitars and bass. This led to the band getting Stephen Jo Bladd as a drummer for the band along with Peter Wolf as the rapid talking ex-disc jockey. This was the start of the band that is present in the entertainment industry today. They became quite famous by the 1980s, however in 1985, they had a breakup.
After the breakup of 1985, the J Geils Band reunited in 1999 with Peter Wolf as a front man for the group and went on a 13 date tour of the East Coast as well as the upper Mid-West. The tour was a colossal success. When the tour of 1999 ended, Peter Wolf went back to touring with his own band while the rest of the Geils band made special appearances occasionally. On the 26th of February in 2005, the band reunited with Marty Richards as their drummer to perform live at the Charles Hotel which is located in Cambridge in Massachusetts. This event was a charity show for the acclaimed Cam Neely Foundation for cancer care. On the 22nd of May in 2006, all sic members of the band had a great surprise reunion at Danny Klein the former bassist of the band for his 60th birthday bash at the famous Scullers Jazz Club which is in Boston. The band that is known for their exceptionally great live performances is going to be rocking in a live music event soon. All of the shows of the band are known to be completely sold out well in advance. So if you are a fan of the band or a fan of watching a commendable live music event then grab J Geils tickets and experience a mind blowing music concert.
The J Geils Band enjoys a massive fan following. Since the inception of the band to the time when they reunited to perform, the band has simply given some of the best live music acts ever. They have a way of connecting with their live audience by means of their amazing music and stage presence. You can now avail the J Geils Band tickets and truly enjoy one of the most memorable live shows that you have ever seen. We give you our word that you will really cherish every moment at this spectacular live music event. 

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