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The Jacksonville Symphony is a world class orchestra. It started in 1949 and over the years established as one of the most respected names in classic, chamber and contemporary music. Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra has performed in one of the most prestigious venues across the US. It has also collaborated with a number of classical music artists. The JSO introduced its new programming lineup in 2012 aiming at special concert every year. The Indigo Girls Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra is a part of this initiative. Although the JSO has not typically done concerts of the sort, the power of it powerful music is bound to make it a success. If you are an orchestra fan or a country music fan then Indigo Girls Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra tickets are the best buys for you this summer. Grab them to watch this one time experience with your friends and family.

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About Indigo Girls Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra

The JSO is known for its soothing music, repertoires and emotional play at operas. The symphony is home to fine music offerings to the Jacksonville community. It has gotten a great deal of fame and popularity for its efforts over the last six decades. It has continuously evolved for the better and has allowing the city to enjoy scores of concerts every season. In the past, the JSO got huge amount of fame through shows like Starry Nights (Metropolitan Park). Every Christmas, it sweeps many hearts and souls with its signature holiday concerts. The Orchestra does not confine its live session to theaters and auditoriums. It also lets people from all backgrounds to experience it in person. JSO does it by taking its shows to neighborhoods all over the city.
Downtown Jacksonville is known for the spectacular shows put up by the JSO between mid-September and mid-May. It has a great team of musicians, technicians, arrangers, composers, conductors, instrumentalists and trainers. They all work together to bring the best classic and chamber music for its audiences. The JSO is very much inclined towards educating the community, especially the youth. It conducts special extensive programs at the school level. They invite anyone with the potential and interest to learn music as an art form. It teaches students to use music as a medium to express their feelings and thoughts. Martin Connor is the Chair-Elect of its Board of Directors and he has expanded the collaborative and outreach programs. They connect Symphony musicians and University graduates (in music) in the process of educating the community in general and teaching the youth in particular about music.
The year 2013 is a year of transformation and transition for the organization. It has opened itself to a new leadership and has set targeted the youth as its new audience. It has completely redefined its role in the preservation of classical music and is contributing towards it future. In support of its new stance the JSO will be bringing concerts from October to April this year. There is an elaborate series of eight concerts, scheduled to be presented in conjunction with the Florida Blue Masterworks Series. It will feature eight guest conductor and will formally become a part of the conductors search process of the Orchestra. JSO requires involvement and input of its followers to communicate their preferences. These will help the Orchestra decide the next leader of the Symphony.  By attending these concerts audiences treat themselves with the classiest compositions from maestros, mainly Brahms, Stravinsky Gershwin and Wagner. These concerts will most definitely attract new patrons and keep the relevance of classical music alive in the modern times.
The JSO is also overhauling its resources by recruiting young talent and conductors. The organization believes in the power of energy, creativity and passion more than experience. No wonder it has stood out as a trendsetter in orchestral music. More so, the young people have a better appeal for the audiences, hence it has invested in a concert like this. The Indigo Girls are a fresh radio-folk rock music duo, which has made a strong impression in mainstream music. The girls made their mark by topping the Billboard charts with a monster hit “Closer to Fineand Galileo”. They have also succeeded in winning a great seal of public and critical acclaim. They have won the prestigious Grammy award and have managed to sell millions of copies of their albums. Commercially they are a big hit boasting of four albums on their portfolio. Cheap Indigo Girls Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra tickets let you witness the girls and the Symphony in a unique show. Loaded with tight-knitted harmonies, this concert is sure to spellbind. Go grab your deals today!

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