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The Honda Civic Tour will be celebrating its tenth birthday soon enough and with that it has a special show lined up for all its fans. The Honda Civic Tour is an annual tour with a series of concerts of some of the most popular artists of our time. The awesome live music may be one of the best things about the show, but there is certainly more to the show. At the end of the tour, a Honda Civic is customized by the headlining bands for concert patrons to win in a raffle. Each year the tour promises oodles of love for the lovers of live music and concerts and all the party animals as well who travel around just to be a part of this 'high on fun' event. Each year, several high profiled bands are featured as the headliners and support bands each year for a series of concerts.

About Honda Civic Tour Tickets

For almost ten years now, the Honda Civic Tour has one of the hottest tours for general music lovers. Unlike other tours, Honda Civic Tour has not restricted itself to one specific music genre. The tour has kept its lineup pretty colorful by featuring bands from several different genres, making a public statement that the tour was more of a treat for all kinds of listeners and not restricted to just one genre. Over the years, the tour has featured many a mainstream artists of different genres like rock, pop music and pop punk. Featuring pop bands has pretty much opened the event for all kinds of fans of music, making just about any concert of the Honda Civic Tour a very bright and colorful party. At the end of the tour, when technically the party is supposed to come to an end, the raffle for the Honda Civic brings the party back to life once again.

The Honda Civic Tour, ever since it began, has been a hit. There have been many an immensely popular bands that have been a part of this fabulous event and entertained thousands of fans with their live music. For the very first Honda Civic Tour was a blast. To date, it has been the only tour with two halves. A total of eight bands performed in two halves of the show and it was an awesome success. Amongst the Headliners of the tour were two of the famous punk rock bands - Blink - 182 and Everclear. The Tour has been graced by some of the biggest names from the pop music industry today like The Black Eyed Peas, The Pussycat Dolls, Maroon 5, New Found Glory, Good Charlotte and many others. The artists lined up for the 10th birthday of the tour are no less super stars either.

Along with Paramore, the star lineup for the very special show includes the Canadian super stars Tegan and Sara! Tegan and Sara are the cutest punk rockers from Calgary Canada and have been making music ever since they were teenagers. The musical prodigies from Canada have been featured on many a very popular television primetime shows like Veronica Mars, Grey's Anatomy, Ghost Whisperer, 90210, The Hills, Hollyoaks, Life Unexpected, One Three Hill, Vampire Diaries and many more. Their sixth studio album Sainthood is out now and their fans would be looking forward to hearing all the new tunes as well as the old ones. When the two sisters are on the stage, one gets to see a lot of good natured sisterly bickering and have lots of fun listening to their stellar music.

Paramore, on the other hand, have gone massive in the recent times. Lead by Hayley Williams, the redhead looker from the State of Mississippi and the melancholy in her vocals make Paramore a perfect Emo Rock band. Hayley Williams who is known for her 'acrobatic' performances on the stage would certainly be one of the highlights of this year's show. So make sure you grab your Honda Civic Tour tickets and dance to some of the finest music.

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