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Helene Fischer comes from the Siberian land to present the bracing face of German pop. She is a pop star that has struck the world with her unusual talent and charisma. Her not so common background adds to the profundity of her music in an unexpectedly delightful way. Her German descent and Krasnoyarsk roots combine to form pop of a new sort. Her melodies are tender and earthy carrying poignant, intimate strokes engaging the listeners fondly. Her wistful and gritty vocals are etched in your mind right from the first time you come across her song.

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About Helene Fischer

Her thoughtful reflective songs have worked well for her as she has come across as one of the successful singers of German music. She started her career in the 2000s and continues to steal the limelight from her counterparts by securing spots at all the major awards. She has been a prominent artist of the European world responsible for popularizing folk music. Her auspicious list of awards include Echo awards for German-language pop, Echo DVD Production of the Year, Echo DVD production nationally, Goldene Henne Climber of the year and Goldene Henne Music among others. Helene Fishcher has been the Success of the year in Krone der Volksmusik for two year in the row. She also EMI gold for Just Like You and From Here to Infinity.

She had her eyes set on music and singing for a long time, she even studied music and theater before she got into it commercially. Her mother sent her demo record to Uwe Kanthak the artist manager and He got her a deal with Jean Frankfurter for her first mainstream record. She made her singing debut at Wedding Feast of Folk music by singing a duet with Florian Silbereisen. Her first album "From Here To Infinity" released in 2006. The album featured a duet with Sean Reeves. Her album was a major success and it was double platinum, selling over 500,000 records. The most popular singles of the album were Fire on the horizon, From here to infinity, Tomorrow morning kiss I wake up and In the dance of emotions .

Her second albums "As Close as You" was released a year after and was all over the major charts of the country. It was double platinum selling over 4 hundred thousand copies. The album featured some amazing singles like You start on me and let me fly, You have touched my heart and I believe you 100 lies. This was beginning of all the great things for Fischer; she has already made her place in the German music. She was all over the charts and awards to mark this season as hers. To top it off it was the beginning of her solo tour and travelled to various part of the world with her music. Her third studio album "Magic Moon" was released in 2008 and was immediately on the top of the German Charts. The Album sold over 4 hundred thousand records and was just like its predecessors a multiplatinum hit. The Best tracks of the record were Be honest, I admit to never and Forgive, forget and trust again.

This was the year when she entered into the Echo Awards for the very first time. It was one of the most glorious moments of her musical career and soon after she released her fourth and final album till date. This album was named as "Just As I am" and it wasn't a surprise at all when the album was a success in its opening week. This album made it to the top of all the major German, Swiss charts and Austrian charts. In 2010 Her "Best of" compilation album came into the market and was at the number position on the charts. The album featured her most memorable songs from the previous albums. The album sold over 100,000 copies and the count is still on. She has sung a couple of singles including Midst of the Paradise, Let me in your life and I will always this fever spurn. To catch her singing your favorite songs, be there at the Helene Fischer concert in your city with your Helen Fischer Tickets.

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