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The beautiful, stunning and charismatic performer, with her bell-clear and graceful voice, Helene Fischer is coming to Iffezheim. Buy Helene Fischer Iffezheim tickets and enjoy live music performance of the biggest German hit solo concert artist.

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Born in 1984, Helene is a German Singer and entertainer. She learnt singing and acting for three years at Frankfurt Stage & Musical School and performed on the stage of National Theatre in Frankfurt. She made her career debut in 2005 and has sold over 3 million albums so far. Helene released her debut album Von Hier bis Unendlich (translated as From here to infinity) in 2006 and second one titled So Nah Wie Du (translated as As Close As You) in 2007. These two albums were widely liked and they brought for her huge popularity and recognition in Germany. She released her first English album The English Ones in 2010 which was made her recognized in the United States.
She has earned several awards throughout her career, including six Echo Awards, two “Goldene Henne” awards and three “Krone der Volksmusik” awards. She is the undisputed bearer of the crown of folk music. Her songs highlight her daily life experiences, home-loving folks and adventures and her melodies go straight to the heart. In her short career, she has garnered enormous popularity and devoted fan following in most parts of the world including Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Norway, England and the Netherlands. Her ever-increasing stardom and fame throughout the world is a depiction of her exceptional talent and captivating nature. Buy cheap Helene Fischer Iffezheim tickets and enjoy the live performance of the queen of German pop and folk music.