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The girl-power or sisterhood, whatever the reason behind Heart's success may be, one thing is certain, and that is they do it better than the boys. Heart fans are lucky enough to have them back on the entertainment scene after a gap of many futile years. The band is lead by Nancy Wilson and Ann Wilson of course. Ann does the lead vocals, plays flute, percussion, keyboards, violin, guitar and autoharp, while Nancy plays guitars, harmonica, synthesizers, mandolin, and harmonica and also does the vocals. Other band members include; Ben Smith on drums, Christian Attard and Rick Markmann play Electric bass guitar, Debbie Shair is on synthesizers and keyboards and Craig Bartock plays guitar. It is now time for you to decide if they still perform with same ease and style as they did 30 years ago or their performance has even improved. So grab your cheap Heart Tickets ASAP and watch them performing live!

About Heart

The band formed in Seattle in early 70s by Mike Fisher, Ann Wilson and Roger Fisher, while Nancy joined the band a couple of years later. The musical genre of Heart is rock, pop, hard rock, folk rock. In the 70s, it was almost a shocking surprise to watch such beautiful women sing, play and perform in such casual and classy manner. It is believed that a reason behind Heat's phenomenal success is the perfect harmony between the two sisters and their passion for the music. Nancy is fond of playing guitar ever since she was a kid. Watching her bend her knee to shift her fingers one guitar string was such a pleasure, and now she is doing it all once again. Ann's sweet voice and personality earned the band a phenomenal success. Heart band is the perfect example for the rich and wonderful era of the 1970s.

Before the formation of heart, Ann worked with two other bands, White Heart and Hocus Pocus, and learned valuable experience to launch her own band in just few years. In the beginning, Heart did many single night gigs at several bars and clubs and finally decided to record their work and asked Mike Flicker. Soon the keyboard player and guitarist join the band and they succeeded in releasing their debut album Dreamboat Annie in 1976. This album generated a positive public response in Canada and became a massive hit for such newly formed band. Soon it caught the attention of the newly formed Mushroom Records which later released the album in Seattle. Dreamboat Annie sold one million records and earned the band a very well deserved fame and fan following in both USA and Canada.

Heart released its second album Little Queen in 1977. Again, the album became a hit and certified triple platinum. The album included the super sensational tracks like "Barracuda", "Dream of the Archer", "Little Queen", "Cry to me", "Kick it out", "Say Hello" and "Go On Cry". Although the studio album was released in 1977, but its authorized version by the band was released in 1978. This was the band's third consecutive hit number and was certified platinum. It included the following brilliant tracks: "Heartless", "I've Got The Music in Me", "Without You", "Magazine", "Mother Earth Blues", "Just the Wine", "Devil Delight" and "Here Song". The band was doing superbly, everything was working right for them, each of their next tracks and albums earned a wilder reception but somehow they decided to take a break while they were at the peat of their career.

They band resumed shortly in a year but most of the band members had joined other groups. Finally, it was Ann and Nancy who decided to bring the Heart back to life, make it roar and thump even faster ad harder. The sisters are currently preparing to embrace the fiery success of their album Red Velvet Car which includes their top 20 hit singles redone and freshly recorded. We are lucky to be living in such a marvelous age when bands like Heart, which has entertained generation of music aficionados, is all se to please our sight and ears with their wonderful presence and beautiful voices. Grab you Heart Tickets and be the part of the lucky crowd to watch them performing live!


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