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Guns N Roses are a superb American rock band and one of the greatest this world has seen. This rockstar filled rock band hails from the city of Los Angeles within the sunny US state of California and is famous all over the world for its music. Guns N Roses’s music is usually referred to as hard rock with influences of heavy metal and glam metal. This awesome rock band has been active since back in 1985 and continues to dazzle millions even today. Over the course of their legendary career, Guns N Roses have been signed onto two record labels; UZI Suicide and Geffen. This awesome hard rock band has also been associated with some amazing acts including Hollywood Rose, Neurotic Outsiders, L.A. Guns, Praxis, Slash's Snakepit, Road Crew and Velvet Revolver; a must see live through Guns N Roses Tickets.

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About Guns N Roses

Guns N Roses was formed back in 1985 in the capital of American film, Hollywood. This fascinating band has since then released around six different studio albums, one live album and three spectacular EPs. In terms of sales, Guns N Roses is easily one of the Best Selling Artists of All Time. Guns N Roses has sold over one hundred million albums all over the world out of which a record forty five million albums have been sold in the US alone. This is a massive, earth shattering record that only a handful of rock bands can boast of and hardly any hard rock bands can boast of. The first major label album released by Guns N Roses, the album Appetite for Destruction released in 1987 sold over twenty eight million copies all over the world.
If that wasn’t enough, the Guns N Roses major label debut album also went on to rank Number One on the Billboard 200 charts, a record in itself for a hard rock band. But that wasn’t it for Guns N Roses; this debut album’s sales, over twenty eight million, make it the single Highest Selling Debut Album of All Time within the US, beating all other artists and bands including some of the biggest names in the world of music. This is simply and iconic feat, an achievement that proved that Guns N Roses was no ordinary band but one of the greatest amongst the great artists this world has ever seen. The album Appetite for Destruction also had not one but three of its hit singles rank within the Top Ten of the Billboard Hot 100 charts; this include the Number One hit single and one of the best known Guns N Roses songs, Sweet Child O Mine.
The next Guns N Roses came out in 1988 and was titled as G N’ R Lies; this album was also wildly popular and was followed by not one but two albums released during the same year. 1991 saw Guns N Roses release Use Your Illusion I and Use Your Illusion II, two albums that ranked first and second on the Billboard 200 charts. These awesome albums also went on to sell more than fourteen million copies within the US and a massive thirty five million albums all over the world. These two phenomenal albums were then followed by the spectacular The Spaghetti Incident, an album that continued the tradition of wildly popular and mind blowing Guns N Roses albums.
The next years after the release of The Spaghetti Incident saw several lineup changes and a lot of effort in by the band. Guns N Roses then came back with the superb album, Chinese Democracy. This one of a kind Guns N Roses album featured the band trying out new music styles and sounds. It was also an international success, debuting at Number Three on the Billboard 200 charts.
In just a short amount of time, Chinese Democracy sold more than a million copies in the US and was certified platinum. Thus, Guns N Roses is a band whose debut album is the Highest Selling Debut Album of All Time; Rolling Stone magazine has also ranked this album in its Greatest Albums of All Time list as well as named the Guns N Roses one of the Greatest Artists of All Time.  When it comes to awards, Guns N Roses has won ten awards and received a mind blowing twenty five award nominations. To sum it up, this is a band to be seen by any fan of rock, hard rock and metal through fantastic Guns N Roses Tickets.

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