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Bruce Cawdron leads David Bryan, Efrim Menuck, Mike Moya, Aidan Girt, Mauro Pezzente, Thierry Amar and Sophie Trudeau as Godspeed You Black Emperor to bring a live great presentation of music with no boundaries. This great multi-instrument progressive rock outfit offers one of the most brilliant fusion of music. Witness them action via Godspeed You Black Emperor tickets.

About Godspeed You Black Emperor Tickets

Godspeed You Black Emperor or GYBE! Is a pop/rock/indie act that has become a part of mainstream music accredited its stupendous music. Over the past two decades the band has made commendable contributions to the genre or Rock especially to the offshoots of Alternative, Indie, Instrumental, Experimental, Post, Space and Ambient Rock. Hailing from the city of Montreal GYBE! is an instrumental multimedia progressive rock group that has created an astounded amalgam of instruments. The band’s music and performances are a real treat for the senses. They group simply extend instruments beyond boundaries of rock and pop. Incorporating repetition based chamber and space rock into slow paced high build up compositions; the group presents an ageless sound.
Loaded with audio and visual multimedia from various sources, a third dimensional has been to the group’s music. GYBE! compositions when delivered act as a catharsis for the troubled mind and soul. The meditative sounds and their visual collaboration make the whole GYBE! experience a completely hypnotic one. The narrative style of music delivery and the multimedia patches are a signature mark born by none in the league.
Godspeed You Black Emperor came into being in 1994 and jumped into alternative stream with a compilation of songs All Lights Fucked on the Hairy Amp Drooling. It was not until the release of the self-produced F# A# (Infinity), the group’s first formal studio album. This production led the group to its first formal record label facilitation the release of the EP Slow Riot for New Zero Kanada. GYBE! Became stronger in existence with this release, it allowed the group to grow in many ways. More fan fare, positive feedback and critical acclaim came its way. A milestone in the group’s career was an appearance at the BBC London. A live performance by the GYGE! was featured at the John Peel-produced Peel Session. The Wire magazine and the show continued to talk of the group's consistent delivery of fine music as well as impressive live staging. This called for the first most appreciated live show of GYBE! concert show ever; Quebec's FIMAV 1999. It set a working momentum for the group’s live concert tours.
Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven (2000) was the third studio album that featured them as the primary artist and Producer. GYBE!’s performances following this release became exceptionally sound. Accredited to a couple of hit numbers featured in ambitious release and was able to cement its position further. This ninety minute ling double-album won a unanimous five star worth of critical acclaim. The group and its mystery kept mounting until the 2002 release Yanqui U.X.O. This was also an LP and is categorically tagged by the core band members as their most vivid manifestation of their political views. The album was also a commercial success and topped the US and UK Top charts in the top slots.
The year 2003 took the band on an unlimited hiatus after encountering an unforeseen security check detention. The group felt it was an inappropriate act that degraded them so they decided to part. Group members went their way pursuing their musical interests and exploring solo career opportunities. However, in 2006, the aid fans of the group found another treat to rejoice. Sweet Fifteen: Rough Trade Publishing 1991-2006 was released featuring GYBE! as the primary artist. It was not until seven years later that the core line-up with a few adjustments announced a reunion. The group came together at the 2012 Nightmare Before Christmas festival. A decade long retreat did GYBE! good, they were reformed and more aggressive then before. All set to rock and roll again, they pursued their music in the same old and new dimensions.
Today, the Godspeed Your Black Emperor leads all the way to the concert stages with a line-up of nine plus musicians alongside the visual collaboration projectionist. The orchestral and chamber rock feel is accomplished by a set of three lead and two bass guitarists. Adding more depth to the sound are the viola, violin, French horn, cello, drums. Cheap Godspeed You Black Emperor tickets provide an opportunity to witness them play live after a long time. Don’t miss the chance. Enjoy!