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When the people of Illinois talk of hard rock, they talk of the great band Cheap Trick. Hailing from Rockford in Illinois, the band has made a big name in international circles. Their fans are found all over the globe vying for Cheap Trick tickets and dying to watch their favorite band perform live. Well, here is your chance to do so for the group is going on tour this year!

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Cheap Trick was formed in the year 1973. It’s a four member band consisting of Robin Zander as the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Rick Nielsen as the lead guitarist, Bun E. Carlos as the drummer, and Tom Petersson as the bass guitarist. They changed their name several times before finalizing the current one, which is often believed to have been derived from an Ouija Board. However, the name was actually taken from Petersson’s comment of using every cheap trick in the book during their attendance of a concert of Slade. They recorded their first demo in 1975. They played at numerous venues like bowling alleys and warehouses around Midwest. Jack Douglas, a music producer, saw them perform in Wisconsin which led to Epic Records signing them on. Their first album, self-titled, was released two years later. The album received critical acclaim but failed to make an impact from a commercial point of view. However, their single “ELO Kiddies” was a success in Europe. It was followed by the release of their second album called In Color. It was pop-oriented, lighter and more polished but failed to make an impact. Its singles “Clock Strike Ten” and “I Want You To Want Me”, though made it to the charts in Japan.
Cheap Trick entered the mainstream music scene with their third album Heaven Tonight (1978). It included elements from their first two albums. It is also special because it was the first album to use 12-strng electric bass. Its single “Surrender” was their first song to make it to the charts in the United States. It peaked at number sixty-two, but, went on to become their signature track. The album was a mega success in Japan and was given the title of gold record along with the band’s first two albums. Moreover, their popularity in Japan resembled Beatlemania so they began to be referred as “The American Beatles” by the Japanese press. Their concerts at the Nippon Budokan were compiled in the form of a live album called Cheap Trick at Budokan. This was to be exclusively released in Japan but its demand increased to such a height that Epic Records had to release it in the US in 1979. It led the band’s success to sky-rocket. RIAA gave the album triple platinum certification. Its single “I Want You To Want Me” peaked at number seven on Billboard Hot 100. It also became Cheap Trick’s best selling song. Their third studio album Dream Police, released in 1979, was another platinum success. Its popular songs include “Voices” and “Gonna Raise Hell”. During this time, Cheap Trick tickets were hottest commodities.
A year later, they released their fourth album titled All Shook Up. George Martin, former producer of Beatles’ album, produced this album. Though it charted at number twenty-four in the US, it was considered too experimental and weird. After this, Cheap Trick went into a commercial decline. They contributed to soundtracks of several films with Top Gun being one of them. They made a comeback in 1988 with their album called Lap of Luxury. It was certified platinum. Its single “The Flame”, a ballad, became the band’s first chart topper in the US. Other popular songs were “Don’t Be Cruel”, “Never Had a Lot to Lose”, “Let Go” and “Ghost Town”. Since then, they have released six studio albums that have featured some of their old songs and some new. Their legacy of using and keeping large collections vintage and unusual bass and guitars continues.  
Cheap Trick is also known for their continuous touring over the four decades they have been in the industry. Their latest venture is the summer tour of the US along with Aerosmith. It is called the Global Warming Tour. Experience the veterans in their true element with your Cheap Trick tickets!

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