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Without any doubt, Aerosmith is one of the most popular and successful American rock bands of past few decades. Their music has garnered attention and fan following in different parts of the world, which is why they enjoy massive fan following not just in United States, but in all parts of the world. Aerosmith is not only famous for their recorded music, in fact they enjoy special kind of popularity for their live performances and live concert tours. The group went on it first ever concert tour back in 1970 and it was called Club Days. Since then, Aerosmith has been on numerous concert tours, and this year they’re back yet again with Global Warming Tour. At Global Warming Tour Aerosmith will be performing all of their hit numbers prior to the release of their upcoming studio album. On Global Warming Tour Aerosmith will show their fans why they’re known as some of the finest live performers of our time. Global Warming Tour Aerosmith tickets will be highly sought after by their fans, as the group is touring as we speak.

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About Global Warming Tour Aerosmith

Often known as the America’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band, Aerosmith is known for experimenting with their genre and music as well. Although for most parts, their music is all about the hard rock music that is influenced with blues. But more than often, the group is seen incorporating elements of other genres like heavy metal, pop, and R&B. For their remarkable work when it comes to Rock music, they’re known for inspiring and influencing loads of modern day rock acts. The band hails from Boston, Massachusetts, where it was formed back in 1970. The original line up of the group at that time comprised of Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton, Ray Tabano, and Joey Kramer. The following year, Brad Whitford replaced Ray Tabano, and also in the same year, the group started attracting the attention of local fans in the city.
After garnering enough attention in the surrounding regions of the Boston, the group finally scored a record deal in 1972 which Columbia Records. And soon after that the group debuted with their self titled album that came out back in 1973. This marked the beginning of a series of multi platinum albums which took the popularity of the band sky high. The group’s debut album was then followed by Get Your Wings, which was released in 1974. But it wasn’t till the release of their third studio album Toys in the Attic in 1975, which exposed the band to the mainstream popularity. The group’s popularity as a hard rock act grew even larger soon after they released their follow up album, Rocks, in 1976. Over the years between between 1977 and 1979, the group came up with two more studio releases. During the 70s era, the group kept on touring immensely apart from releasing charting hit singles along the way. By the dawn of 1980s, Aerosmith had already established their popularity as one of the most famous hard rock acts across the globe. They also managed to enjoy a loyal fan following all across the world, which is most commonly known as Blue Army. The lineup of the group saw the demise of Whitford and Perry, only to be replaced by Rick Dufay and Jimmy Crespo. This was due to internal tensions between the band members, and the drug addiction. However both, Whitford and Perry, returned in 1984. In later years, the group started enjoy massive mainstream popularity yet again with the release of albums such as Get a Grip and Pump.
As of the moment, the group is known as one of the most remarkable rock n roll acts of our time. This year, the group brings its music live to their fans in North America along with Cheap Trick. Cheap Trick will be opening all of their shows on the tour. So witness the best of hard rock music with Global Warming Tour Aerosmith & Cheap trick tickets. 

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