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It would be unfair to forget the legendary band Eagles while reminiscing about the amazing rock music of seventies. It was due to the efforts of the founding members, Glenn Frey and Don Henley that the band was ranked as one of the Most Successful Musical Acts of 1970s. Eagle's hits like ‘Tequila Sunrise’, ‘New Kid in Town’, ‘The One You Love’ and a lot others are accredited especially to Frey’s creativity along with the skills of the other band members. The group could not last long and dissolved at its peak after getting inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and winning six Grammy Awards. The artist continued to ride on the track of success by taking a different route (solo career) after the dissolution and today is counted among the ‘Most Successful Artists for Rock Music’. Currently he plans to deliver an amazing flashback of hits starting from the eighties and Glenn Frey tickets are available for the concert.

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About Glenn Frey

Frey's musical journey started four decades ago, when he founded Eagles with the drummer Don Henley. The band rose to fame with some amazing hits and sold more than 120 million albums around the world. With the release of just six albums it became the highest selling American band in US history. During its career, the rising fame wasn't motivating enough for the members to stick together so the band broke up. Each member went on a different track to start with their solo careers and weren’t disappointed with their decision. So was the case with Glenn Frey. After disbanding, the artist came up with two super hit singles ‘You Belong to the City’ and ‘The Heat is On’. Eagle's fans who were disheartened by its breakup were happy to see the same kind of music showing up on the music charts once again. These couple of hits were just not it. The trend continued and Frey contributed 12 songs on the US Top 100. The path of fame offered many opportunities and the artist signed a deal with Mission Records for producing its songs. He didn't have to wait long to see his efforts bearing fruit. In recognition of his talent he soon got inducted into the Michigan Rock and Roll Legends of Fame and till now is well appreciated by the critics around the world.
Glenn Frey did not restrict himself to just singing. Having the skill, he ventured into acting and worked for commercial endorsements as well. The artist's role in ‘Miami Vice’, ‘Dead Dog Arc’, ‘Jerry McGuire’ and ‘Let's Get Harry’ among others leaves no doubt about his versatility. Apart from this he has also contributed to the major advertisement campaigns with his amazing music. Brands like Pepsi among others relied on him for composing outstanding melodies for its commercials.
A huge public demand brought the Eagles back together once again and the mid-nineties saw the release of astounding albums. The band has the same lineup, led by Glenn Frey. Although he has established his solo career and is successful, he couldn't be disloyal to the group which became the reason for his fame initially. So, he has joined it again and justifies both aspects of his musical career with grace.
Glenn Frey's music is famous especially for its acoustic electric guitar sounds. The experience of listening to it live is just amazing. If you haven't had a chance to listen to the artist live, you have truly missed out on listening to quality rock music. Glenn Frey is coming live to perform a concert in your town! If you are a rock music fan or have ever admired the legendary band Eagles, this concert will be no less than a treat for you! To make the event more special, we are also offering special discounts. So avail the offer and get Glenn Frey tickets on cheap rates as early as possible!
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