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Popular television artists enjoy immense love and respect by the public. People feel associated with them and their feelings cannot be expressed in words. When such popular television stars come live in front of their fans, the experience is unmatchable, like Glee Live! Glee is a popular television series that was created by Ryan Murphy who also created the tour. Ryan Murphy decided to experiment with a tour featuring stars from the series when he felt that the series was getting extremely popular among public. Initially the venture was started as a small promotional tour with the name of The Gleek Tour. It included performances at various super stores across the US, predominantly focusing on meeting the fans and showcasing the series soundtrack. Later, in 2009 at the event of the baseball World Series, the team of Glee performed on The Star Spangled Banner at Citizen’s Bank Park. These performances gathered immense popularity and encouraged the team to go out on a full-fledged concert tour. The promotional tour was a huge success and it was predicted that the concert tour would also be successful, that started in 2010.

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About Glee Live

The tour included the cast of Glee television series and also some special appearances by guest stars, including Matthew Morrison (Will Schuester) and Jane Lynch (Sue Sylvester) who appeared at a performance that was done at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. The performance was greatly appreciated and owing to the great success the tour was having, organizers decided to extend it to another leg that included Glee Live tour across Europe. The television series was an enormous hit not only in the United States, but also across Europe and internationally. As an opportunity to thank their fans for their continued support the organizers of Glee decided to visit different destinations in Europe as another leg of Glee Live tour.
Towards summer of 2011, the concert had already become very famous and there were demands by Glee fans for a continued performance in the United States. It was for their demand and passion of people building for the tour that the organizers of the event announced an additional third leg of the tour again across the United States.
As a whole, Glee Live is a light comedy performance that starts with the voice of Jane Lynch who is acting as a cheerleading coach named Sue Sylvester. In her pre recorded message she insults both the upcoming performances as well as the audience about why would someone come to witness such dreadful performances. The audience starts feeling the hilarious mood of the whole upcoming performance just with this opening voice. The performance then continues with a character Artie Abrams coming to the stage in a wheelchair, because he is shows to be disabled. The character is played by Kevin McHale. Later on, all cast members come to the stage wearing matching pajamas and jump on mattresses present on the stage. Similarly, the act of Bust Your Windows is performed using Escalade as a prop for the performance. Other prominent members of the cast that perform on stage include character of Finn Hudson played by Cory Monteith.  

It is because of the extraordinary popularity of the show that after starting with a small promotional tour, it has now become a huge venture that has been extended to three legs. The show continues to entertain Glee fans across the United States and Europe, and fans are often seen crying with excitement at the venue to see some of their favorite artists from the television live right in front of them. So hurry up and grab your Glee Live tickets now if you don’t want to miss out on one of the finest entertainment options available right now!

Glee Live is a concert tour by the entire team of the hit Fox television series Glee. The television series received an overwhelming response all over the world. After the end of Season 1, the team decided to go live and meet their fans in a LIVE show. The team is loved and admired by people all over the world. The team has performed in various cities of United States and they will soon be performing in other countries as well which include England, Canada, and Ireland among others. Glee Live is produced by Ryan Murphy who has also created the series Glee. According to Murphy, the soundtrack of the series and the concerts are bonus revenue of the series. The tour is equally popular with the awe-inspiring fans and the music critics. So far, the fans have flocked the concerts. The first leg of the tour in North American was attended by nearly 70,000 audiences. It generated $5 million and has ranked ninth in the Billboard’s Hot Tour List.

It all started when the team of the series performed in a small promotional tour named “The Gleek Tour” at different “Hot Topics” stores to meet their fans and to promote the soundtrack. The immense success of the promotional tour led to the formation of the concert tour Glee Live. At the beginning of 2010, some cast members hinted about the concert tour of the series via Twitter. At the conclusion of the first season in March, 2010, the concert tour was announced. As the series began its second season, another leg of the tour was announced in Europe. According to Murphy, this was to thank and meet their fans in Europe. The fans in Europe have shown great enthusiasm and are looking forward to the concert excitedly. The team of Glee is also looking forward to the show eagerly and is excited to meet their fans there.

Glee Live has received a very positive response from the critic’s circle. Mikael Wood of Los Angeles Times raved about the concert and described it as having a feeling of triumph and satisfied victory lap to it. Aimee Curran of MTV also highly praised the concert and has said that the cast has a way to make every song as their own but also succeeded in maintaining the actual singer’s authenticity. USA Today’s Ed Masley has described it as a blend of musical theatre, pop culture and a rock concert. Hahn Nguyen viewed it as far more entertaining as watching it on television. The raw energy is infectious and the feeling of togetherness is commendable.  
The tours of Glee Live are gaining popularity with every passing moment. Fans from all over the world are looking forward to the concert in their vicinity with great fervor. The fans that have seen it once want to see them live again and again. The professionalism and genuine efforts of the team is visible throughout the concert. The concert begins with the greeting (pre-recorded) from cheerleader coach Sue Sylvester in a humorous manner. This helps in developing the interest and joyous atmosphere of the concert. The entire cast has performed in the character throughout the concert. In a song “Jump” mattresses were thrown all over the stage and the cast wore similar pajamas. Several team members wore Lady Gaga costume for her song “Bad Romance”. Members who are not in the series played the part of the rival of Glee Club “Vocal Adrenaline” for masked dance routine in which there was no singing. 

Glee Live is a treat for all the fans of the popular television series Glee. Some audiences become overwhelmed by seeing their favorite cast members live and are seen crying while others wait impatiently to meet their favorite cast member and take their autograph. Seize this opportunity to meet your favorite stars and watch them play your favorite songs. Attain your Glee Live Tickets now and have a splendid night out. 

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