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Are you ready to boogie? George Thorogood and his band 'The Destroyers' come to Coarsegold to rock out, live! This classic blues rock and rock and roll band, headed by George Thorogood himself, has earned itself tons of accolades over the years. Having released twenty seven albums in total, two have been certified Platinum and six have been certified Gold. The Destroyers seem to put a lot of emphasis on their live performances and this is further supported by the outstanding concert reviews their performances have accumulated over the years.  To watch them live in concert, get your very own The Destroyers Coarsegold tickets here.

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George Thorogood and The Destroyers have played on Saturday Night Live, for The Rolling Stones, and have numerous hits that have been adopted by television shows and films, such as 'Terminator 2: Judgement Day' and 'Miami Vice'. They've even had a tour in which they visited 50 US states in the space of 50 days. It's safe to say that they've racked up quite a lot of experience over the years. The excitement and energy in the air at a GT and D concert is unparalleled. The thirty years that they have been rocking out hasn't affected their ability to move the audience and make them want to dance and sing along with them. Whether or not you've been following George Thorogood for a long time now, prepare to be blown away with epic guitar riffs and a truly memorable experience. If you like your tickets cheap The Destroyers Coarsegold tickets can be found here.