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Most popular for hard rock songs Godzilla, (Don’t Fear) The Reaper and Burnin’ for You, American band Blue Oyster Cult are known to have sold more than twenty-four million records all over the world, including seven million sold alone in the United States. Their music video of Burnin’ for You did particularly well, being heavily rotated on MTV just when the music TV network newly premiered back in 1981. This made concrete, the band’s contribution to the development of music videos in pop culture. Today their music continues to be rotated on radio stations that are AOR- friendly as well as in commercials, movies and TV shows, and during sport events.

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About Foghat Blue Oyster Cult

Their current lineup comprises of longtime members Eric Bloom on keyboard, rhythm guitar and lead vocals; Donald Roeser ‘Buck Dharma’ on vocals and lead guitar; Kasim Sulton on bass guitar and Richie Castellano on guitar, vocals and keyboard. The group has had quite an impact on several psychedelic, hard-edged music groups on the modern jam band owing to the intimate quality of their extended improvisations and live shows. Among these bands, New York’s moes have cited the group as a major source of influence. Characteristic features of their music are their guitar-driven jamming style, elaborate performances, a bit of that eclectic and tongue-in-cheek type of songwriting, and of course the intimate atmosphere of their live shows. It is no wonder why Blue Oyster Cult tickets are such a raging topic of town talk among rock lovers every time the band is in town.
Blue Oyster Cult initially called itself Soft White Underbelly, when it formed in 1967 in Long Island. The group was created upon the prompting of manager and critic Sandy Pearlman, comprising of bassist Andrew Winters, singer Les Braunstein, keyboardist Allen Lanier, drummer Albert Bouchard, and guitarist Buck Dharma. Pearlman proved to be quite pivotal to the band’s popularity, by getting them gigs as well as recording deals with Columbia and Electra, and also provided them with poetry to be used as lyrical content of their songs, such as Astronomy. Lyrics were also provided by writer Richard Meltzer during their beginning years to the release of their most recent album.
Blue Oyster Cult shifted through many band names including Santos Sisters, Stalk-Forest Group and Oaxaca, finally settling on their current name in 1971. New York jingle writer and producer David Lucas saw them play a live show following which he took them to Warehouse Recording Studio, where the band produced a demo. With this, Pearlman got them yet another audition with the famous Columbia Records. The results came out well, since Clive David approved of their sound and signed them to the label. Their first studio album was recorded at Lucas’ studio on eight tracks.
So far the lyricists of Blue Oyster Cult include the writer John Shirley, Jim Carroll, Eric Von Lustbader, Michael Moorcock, Patti Smith and Richard Meltzer, and band members Albert Bouchard, Donald Roeser as well as producer Sandy Pearlman. To date, the band has released fourteen studio albums, six live albums and nine charted singles including hits Dancin’ in the Rain, Shooting Shark, Take Me Away, Roadhouse Blues, Joan Crawford, Burnin For You, In Thee and Don’t Fear the Reaper.  This is a legendary hard rock band known for its hard-edged live performances, so get hold of some cheap Blue Oyster Cult tickets and experiences the raw rock qualities oozing out of their every tune.

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