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Fleet Foxes is a newly emerged folk band which is based in Portland and originated in Seattle, Washington. The music by this band can be described as ‘baroque harmonic pop jams’. The two musicians who founded the band are Robin Pecknold and Skyler Skjelset who were close friends in school. They used to play music together, and got appreciation from Bob Dylan and Neil Young- the two big names in the music world. With them they took their first step into the music industry. Pecknold’s father is a former member of a sixties band and Skjelset’s mother was a keen music listener. With the encouragement of the parents, their motivation and personal interest led them to form a band of their own.

About Fleet Foxes Tickets

Pecknold is the front man of the group as well as the songwriter. They initiated the band with the name ‘pineapple’ but changed it to ‘Fleet Foxes’ due to a name clash. The band initially consisted of six members but with time, some changed and some left. The current lineup includes Skyler Skjelset, Robin Pecknold, Casey Wescott, Joshua Tillman, Christian Wargo and Morgan Henderson. Henderson is an experienced singer, before joining Fleet Foxes, he was a part of the music band ‘The Blood Brothers’.

The amazing singing style of Pecknold grabbed the attention of the producer Phil Ek who then helped him record his first demo songs in 2006. The lyrics and singing of the band took the attention of Seattle Times as well as the audience. The popularity was growing and the band started to work on their album release. They managed it all with a limited budget but the hard work ultimately paid off. During 2007, the band became quite popular mainly through word of mouth even though it had not released any work. In the year 2008, it signed in with the record label Sub Pop.

The first EP, Sun Giant was released internationally and the band toured many places, performing at various festivals. After this, the news about Fleet Foxes was seen in the paper, even the European paper. They prepared a debut full length release in the same year along with the tours. The self titled debut album was released in June 2008 and received 4 out of 5 stars from the Rolling Stone. Fleet Foxes peaked at the CMJ Radio 200 Chart at # 1, receiving a rating of 8.7/10. The album was then released in the UK through Bella Union, debuting at #3 as well as earning platinum certification. It sold 200,000 plus copies in the first 5 months. Billboard Critics’ choice rated it as Album of the Year and it appeared in 17 lists, topping 6 of them. They toured UK and few other countries throughout the year 2008-09. 

After the successful release of their first album, Fleet Foxes started working on their next release along with the non-stop tours. Their latest album released in May 2011 and is expected to do even better than the previous album as it debuted at #2 in the UK and at #4 in the USA. They are going to play at the music festival Way Out West for the second time, in 2011.

The talented band of six boys, Fleet Foxes is emerging as a great band producing songs having excellent lyrics and great compositions. The band mainly focuses on the Indie Folk and Baroque Pop music, which has influences from the 60’s folk music. It has performed on stage in collaboration with Perdo the Lion, Crystal Skulls and White Antelop. The audience has always appreciated the live performances of Fleet Foxes. The enthusiastic boys work hard to produce the work which the listeners would love. Grab the chance to listen to this flourishing band perform live on stage, so get the Fleet Foxes Tickets right now.