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Joshua Tillman who was born in the year 1981 is a folk singer, songwriter and guitarist from America. At present he has been performing under the name of Father John Misty. From 2004 onwards, he gave solo numbers that were appreciated greatly by the masses. Before starting his career as a solo artists Misty worked in collaboration with other indie rock bands like Fleet Foxes and Saxon Shore. He has toured extensively as well and during such ventures he is seen performing with musicians like Jesse Sykes, Damien Jurado and David Bazan. Father John Misty tickets will give you an opportunity to be a part of this amazing event where an extremely talented artist is performing at his best.

About Father John Misty

Father John Misty grew up in a house where Christianity was practiced with a fervor that is not very common. Before realizing his dream of becoming a singer he had chosen another profession for himself. He wanted to become a priest. With very little interest in studies, he failed to get a professional degree. His parents had been trying their best to make him spiritually enlightened by familiarizing him with the teachings of Christ. As a child his life revolved around vice and virtues and hell and heaven were all that he could think of. After some year he suddenly understood what he wanted to do with his life and took up the guitar when he was only twelve years old. His passion for music gave an altogether new dimension to his life and Misty was sure by now what he wanted from his life.
He attended college in New York for sometime but later on moved to Seattle. After shifting to a new city Father John Misty found his first job at a bakery which gave him enough time to complete his recordings before his shift started. With hard work and dedication, he ended up making a demo tape that was send to Damien Jurado who was also a singer and a songwriter. Jurado recognized the talent in this artist and from then onwards both started performing together.
Misty used to do the opening act for Jurado, his interaction with the audience gave him a chance to tell people what he was capable of doing and during the shows, he would distribute CD-R copies of his upcoming album titled I Will Return. Afterwards he also developed a friendship with Eric Fisher who became the producer of yet another CD-R album named Long May You Run. These albums were released under the supervision of Keep Recordings but after sometime, they signed a contract with Richard Buckner for the U.S tour. In 2008, he became a part of the rock band Fleet Foxes as a drummer. Deals like cheap Father John Misty tickets will make you be a part of an event that offers a great amount of entertainment. His music is unique in its own way and you need to be a part of this amazing concert to see for yourself what this artist is famous for.
In 2006, Father John Misty released his first solo album Minor Works under the label of Fargo Records. The first album that he released under the moniker Father John Misty was in the year 2012. This album was named Fear Fun.
Bored with regular live performances and have been waiting for something different then here is an opportunity for you as Father John Misty tickets are on a roll now. They will take you into the world of this phenomenal musician who knows what he is capable of doing and has full confidence in his talent. His passion for this genre is matchless and by being at this show, you will surely make the right choice.