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American folk and alternative musician Father John Misty is to feature in a live concert in Austin. Also known as Joshua Tilman, the man is immensely talented. His expertise is experimental music, folk and psychedelic rock. To enjoy an unforgettable night filled with live music and entertainment, get your Father John Misty Austin tickets now. The man has been a member of contemporary folk such as Fleet Foxes and Saxon Shore. Born and raised in a Christian household, Father John Misty’s grew up in a very religious environment. He was a non conformist and some religious notions made no sense to him. His music revolves around reality and defies traditions.

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About Father John Misty Austin Tickets

John Misty will give you an unforgettable concert with his psychedelic rock experimentation. His fans will rejoice as the stage is decorated with bright lights and the intoxicating music takes over. You will be transported to a dreamlike world as Father John Misty’s incredible music fills up your senses. Also a part-time writer, John Misty draws his musical and thematic inspiration from his writings. He will be performing his smashing hits such as ‘Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings’, ‘Nancy From Now On’, ‘Now I’m Learning to Love the War’, ‘Everyman Needs a Companion’, ‘I’m Writing a Novel’ and ‘Funtimes in  Babylon’. Misty’s creativity is enough to get you high so be ready to have a great time. To enjoy the exciting tunes, get your cheap Father John Misty Austin tickets now.