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Within the Jazz genre comes a musician by the name of Steven Eugene Grove, a musician who has played for the likes of Paula Abdul. He is basically a smooth jazz saxophonist featured on various albums with various artists and bands – artists whose music is frequently amongst the very best and highest ranking – within the Top 40 range.

About Euge Groove

He also has a spectacular discography to go with his music which includes solo albums as well as performances on other albums. Euge Groove (where Euge is short for Eugene) was born in Maryland, specifically in Hagerstown on 27th November 1962 and went on to study and graduate from the well known University of Miami School of Music – he graduated in 1984.Euge Groove did not record his first album as a solo artist until 2000 – a late ‘soloist’ as compared to other instrumental musicians who usually recorded solo albums sooner. Until 2000, he performed as a musician for a number of acts – prominent amongst them being the group Tower of Power in which he took the place of Richard Elliot, who had left the group to start his own solo career. Aside from the Tower of Power, he also worked for Expose, an all girl band from Miami – he was the saxophonist on their hit singles ‘Seasons Change’ as well as ‘I’ll Never Get Over You (Getting Over Me)’ released in 1993.His ‘stage name’, Euge Groove, is more or less a short form of his middle name and a sort of play on his last name, a name that is subject to mispronounciation – from Grove to Groove. Initially, it was assumed that the name was a result of fans from Europe labeling it on him but in an interview conducted by XM Radio, he stated that the name had been coined by his Mother in Law and had as such stuck as his ‘stage name’. Euge Groove has released a number of singles, and within these we have some of the popular ‘solo hits’. These include songs like XXL, Rewind, Sneak a Peek, Don’t let me be lonely tonight, Slam Dunk and Livin’ Large.In terms of his actual, solo discography, Euge Groove has released a number of albums in the 2000s. These include Play Date that was released in 2002, followed by another album after 2 years, Large, released in 2004 and the album Born 2 Groove released in 2006. his latest album, as of date, is Sunday Morning. Euge Groove tours regularly – tours for which Euge Groove tickets are available aplenty although are in high demand – and has toured with the likes of Tina Turner in 2008 and appears in a number of venues all over the world.Euge Groove is a happily married man – complete with a wife and children. He has three children of whom two are in college and one is in school. Euge Groove’s first public performance – according to his official website – was in the 2nd grade and the performance itself was a piano recital.  In terms of a detailed discography, as mentioned above, his first album Euge Groove (self titled album) was released in 2000 under the Jazz label, Warner Jazz. From this album, the single Vinyl spent a length 27 weeks on the charts whereas Sneak A Peak won an award at the Oasis/Smooth Jazz Awards in 2001. his second album, Play Date, was released 2 years later under the same label – singles from this album, Slam Dunk and Rewind ranked 1st on the radio charts.In 2004, he released the album Livin’ Large with a different label – Narada Jazz. This album spent a record 68 weeks on the Billboard charts – with a debut ranking of #4 as well as an overall #24 position for the year 2004. Livin’ Large, the single, was the 5th most played song in 2004 according to the RandR singles chart and the single XXL spent 36 weeks on the radio chart. His 4th album, Just Feels Right, was released under the same label in 2005 and its first single, Get Em Goin’ ranked #1 for 2 months. Euge Groove’s 2007 album, Born 2 Groove, debuted at #1 on the Billboard Contemporary Jazz charts and spent 18 months on the same chart – a feat that makes Euge Groove tickets more than worthy of your attention!