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With the focus on indie rock music, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros is the American band formed by Alex Ebert. Being the leading pop vocalist of Ima Robot, Alex thought of bringing his creativity to the world at large. Making their first appearance in West Hollywood, California at The Troubadour in 2007, the band made an instant hit as the indie folk and pop lovers went mad at the beats. The first album Up from Below was released in 2009 under the banner of Community Records while the second endeavor Here is expected to release in 2012.

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About Edward Sharpe the Magnetic Zeros

The super hit artists learn from the good and bad experiences of life and the same happened with Alex too. A hard hit in love instilled the spirit of learning more about life. Thus while working on a book about a messianic figure Edward Sharpe, Alex learnt the essentials of life. Later he met Jade Castrinos, the singer who coupled with him and they both made an effort to play outside downtown Los Angeles café. Alex Ebert, Castrinos and a group of musicians toured by bus under the title of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros in 2009. The tour gave immense confidence and thus Alex Ebert made another effort and performed at Marfa Film Festival in Texas. It was after this performance that the debut album was recorded which released in 2009 that gained applause too.
Besides showing signs of creativity in their performance, the band is also committed to experiment and evaluate themselves at a broader perspective. Thus keeping it in mind, Alex Ebert made an effort in releasing a full length musical. The first part of the musical Desert Song was released in 2009, the second part Kisses of the Babylon was released by the end of 2009. The third part of the musical 40 Day Dream was released through You Tube in 2011 thus bringing forth something unique yet classy for the band lovers.
In collaboration with Old Crow Medicine Show and the members of Mumford and sons, Edward Sharpe the Magnetic Zeros will make an appearance at South by Southwest Film Conference and Festival in 2012. It will premiere the Big Easy Express, a film discussing the journey of the band as they travelled in vintage railcars and conducted concerts at six inimitable locations around the American Southwest. Being directed by Emmett Malloy, the film is expected to play a significant role in the fame of the band that will contribute in Edward Sharpe the Magnetic Zeros tickets sales.
Making a remarkable and truly memorable season, the band is expected to blastoff a nationwide tour that will give a golden opportunity to the band lovers to participate and relish the beats and lyrics of the band. A mind-blowing performance expected to take place at Nashville, TN at Ryman Auditorium will mark the end of the tour thus making it one of the most followed tours by the band ever. The band just recently concluded with their European tour for their album Here. During the tour the band members met the noted Manchester Scenewipe at the glorious Manchester Cathedral thus marking the memorable session ever recorded in the past.
Edward Sharpe the Magnetic Zeros have a marvelous way of staying connected and involving the fans. In this respect the band has planned for arranging a video contest in which the participants can choose any song from their album Here and make a video for the band. The winner of the selected video will get $5000 from the band along with the honor of making the video the official one for the song. Such contests truly connect the music lovers and give an incentive to stay connected with the upcoming activities of the band thus keeping the motivation level high. The album Here has been selected by iTunes and rated as the Best Albums of 2012 which truly gives an incentive to the music lovers to be the part of it. Cheap Edward Sharpe the Magnetic Zeros tickets are yet another chance for the band followers to be at the arena and have a memorable experience. Swing on their beats and relish the evening this season!

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