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Ed Sheeran is now breaking the US market and has announced a brand new tour. He will be playing shows all over the country; Ed Sheeran Orlando tickets are expected to hit the market soon. But before you go to the show, an introduction of the artist is in order. He is the brand new British solo singer who has been taking the UK charts by storm. Although he has only been on the mainstream front since June of 2011, he has achieved a lot more than many long existing artists. He rose to fame with his first single, a song called “The A Team” which he wrote himself. Since then, he has released a number of singles, all of which have charted extremely well in the UK. The Ed Sheeran Orlando show will be part of his introduction to the American audience.

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Even before the release of his record company backed single, Sheeran had been working as an independent artist, releasing extended recordings and playing at local gigs and clubs. His first major record entitled “+” is written entirely by him. He had received a lot of respect and appreciation for his ability as a songwriter. He has even penned a song for the famous British boyband, “One Direction” called “Moments”. This year began just as successfully for him as well—he won two BRIT Awards and his album went multiplatinum. For as talented as he is, it is absolutely necessary to hear him sing live; so get cheap Ed Sheeran Orlando tickets as soon as you can!

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