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It wasn’t until 2010 that Ed Kowalczyk was known as a solo artist. Before that he was the front-man of the band Live which was a successful post-grunge act of the 90s. This band gained prominence with their sophomore album released in 1994 and which was titled Throwing Copper. Ed has this intense gaze and a bald head that are his distinctive features and which get him a lot of lady fans. It was his earnestness that made him a unique artist, different from all other alternative rock artists of the ‘90s. Between the period of 1991 and 2006, Live the band released seven studio albums and then disbanded. Ed set out on a solo career after that with the album Alive released in 2010. Since then, Ed Kowalczyk tickets have been getting highly popular among the fans of post grunge and alternative rock.

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About Ed Kowalczyk

Alive was Ed’s first major release since his work with the band Live. Ed Kowalczyk grew up in York, PA and met his band mates while still in middle school. Before the members reached high school, they were already playing as a group in several incarnations. When they finished with high school, they focused all of their attention towards their band and signed with Radioactive Records in 1991. It was the same time that they chose Live as their band’s name and debuted with the album Metal Jewelry. However, it was 1994 that the band received its breakthrough with the album Throwing Copper. Next album came out in 1997 titled Secret Samadhi followed by another one in 2000 titled The Distance to Here. It was around this time that Ed started to elope from the group and making appearances with Tricky and David Fincher on “Evolution Revolution Love” and Fight Club respectively.
The new millennium saw two more albums from the band titled V and Birds of Prey, coming out in 2001 and 2003 respectively. The group’s last work together as a band came out as another album in 2006 and it was titled Songs from Black Mountain. The band set out on a tour in support of this album, a tour which lasted till 2009. Then it announced a hiatus after a final show in Las Vegas at the Palazzo. Soon afterwards, it became obvious that the band won’t last long and will soon be permanently split because the rift between Kowalczyk and the rest of the members was growing rapidly. The rift also led to a lawsuit that the band members filed against Kowalczyk alleging him for some royalties that were due publishing.
Ed Kowalczyk was the first member of the band to launch a solo career. He has collaborated with a number of musicians including Glen Ballard and Stuart Davis. Moreover, he has also recorded with the band members of Counting Crows including Adam Duritz, Neneh Cherry and Anouk. Two of his collaborations are particularly notable: with Tricky for the song “Evolution Revolution Love” for the album Blowback and for the song “Indie Hair” for the album No Talking, Just Head with the members of the band Talking Heads. Apart from his musical career, Ed has also been involved in some political activities and has also tried his luck in acting with the role in Fight Club.
Ed’s singing style has been associated with that of U2 as he portrayed sincerity in his songs rather than irony. Apart from a distinctive personality, he has a distinctive voice which sets him apart from his contemporaries. Ed has a younger brother Adam Kowalczyk who is a musician himself. Adam has joined the band Live in many of their live tours. As for the live performances as a solo artist, Ed is well known. He knows how to pull the strings of the hearts of his audience through the strumming of his guitar and his mesmerizing vocals. If he sounds good in recordings, he sounds excellent live. That is why tickets for his concerts are always in a high demand and lucky fans also get cheap Ed Kowalczyk tickets

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