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The music icon Doro is on tour once again. She has been one of the most recognizable faces to come out of heavy metal and hard rock for the past three decades. This wonderful artist has earned plaudits from every corner because of everything she has done and achieved over the course of her illustrious career. Now that she has hit the road don’t miss out on Doro tickets and catch her perform live only for you. Doro hails from Dusseldorf, Germany where she was born on 3rd June, 1964. She began to play the piano when she was only ten. Not only that but she had also started to sing by then. Doro’s earliest influences were artists like Slade, T.Rex and Sweet. Her first foray into the world of music came in 1980 when she became a member of an underground rock group Snakebite. That association lasted a year as the band folded.

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That did not however deter Doro and she joined a few other garage groups before going on to create Warlock in the year 1982. The band earned their first agreement with a major label shortly afterwards when they shook hands with Mausoleum Records. Warlock made their debut with the album “Burning the Witches” in the year 1984. With Doro on vocals and taking care of the major part of the promotions, the album made headlines everywhere. Burning the Witches was different from the music being churned by artists in the 1980’s and that played a big part in it doing so well.
The success of the album brought their way another recording contract with Phonogram. Hellbound, their next album hit the music stores in 1985 and True as Steel followed the next year. Doro was bringing in a new trend in metal music. She was the only female artist to front a heavy metal group in the 1980’s as it was a genre dominated by males. Warlock was making serious noises by the time late 1980’s came around and that led to epic performances with some of the most famous bands at concert and festivals around the globe.
Doro moved to New York and the group released their last album that was titled Triumph and Agony. It turned out to be another big hit with the masses that was certified gold in their native Germany. Doro kicked off her solo career with Force Majeure in 1989. It did very well on the European market. Her next album was a self-titled one and that did very well on the European front too. The trend continued with True at Heart and Angels Never Die in 1991 and 1993 respectively. After a few more releases that didn’t do too well in American, she stopped touring in the US. After a hiatus of a decade Doro made her comeback to the US touring scene accompanying Yngwie Malmsteen and Dio on their road trip.
She had begun to get noticed once again and that led her to the studio once again to start working on Fight, her eighth album in the year 2002. Her constant presence on the metal landscape brought her way the title of Metal Queen which was given to her by fans and critics alike. The twentieth anniversary of Burning The Witches was celebrated by a concert in Dusseldorf. Her next album was titled Classic Diamonds and it was a fusion of heavy metal and symphony orchestra at its stunning best. Warrior Soul, Fear No Evil and Raise Your Fist followed to solidify her status as one of the best female heavy metal performers of all time.
Doro is a pioneer. She took to heavy metal and fronted her group when that was unheard off as far as female heavy metal performers went. Her career and everything she has achieved has paid the way for other female artists to follow. So grab your Doro tickets and make your way to the arena to watch the Metal Queen up close and personal.