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The seminal jazz pop band of the seventies, Steely Dan accredits one of its founders Donald Fagen for all the fame it achieved during its tenure in the music industry. Eight years of the band’s journey contributed jazz music with phenomenal albums such as ‘Aja’, ‘Gaucho’ and others.  Reaching the eighties, Donald Fagen was given the opportunity to test his waters in solo musical career. Availing it to the best of his abilities, he outdid himself and got inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. His live performances are anticipated with great excitement by the fans and they look forward to hear the singles live that have earned him international success, such as What a Beautiful World and others.  Cheap Donald Fagen tickets for the upcoming event are available for sale already!

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About Donald Fagen

After the well known band, Steely Dan dissolved, Donald Fagen began his solo career in the early eighties. The artist continued making intricately detailed pop songs that people loved Steely Dan for. His first solo album ‘The Nightfly’ was released in 1982 and happened to be a major success. Instead of releasing another album shortly after it, the artist suffered a setback in the form of writer’s block. From the mid eighties till the start of the glorious era of nineties, Fagen made incredible musical contributions to the film industry for movies like ‘Heavy Metal’, ‘Glengarry Glen Ross’, ‘The King of Comedy’ and ‘Bright Nights, Big City’ among others. Apart from this, he also wrote a column for Premiere Magazine that included witty pieces on Ennio Morricone, Henry Mancini and others. The beginning of nineties credited his profile of work with another successful studio album ‘Kamakiriad’ that did well on the adult contemporary charts. Making 900,000 sales, it also got nominated for a Grammy Award in the category of ‘Album of the Year’.  Keeping up with the tradition to release a studio album in the beginning of each decade, the millennium was marked with the launch of another album Morph the Cat that is ranked on 26th position on the US Charts.
Donald Fagen classifies himself as a self-taught vocalist and a self taught pianist. Labeled to have one of the greatest rock voices of all times, his phrasing influence can be heard in artists such as Elvis Costello, Ben Folds and Joe Jackson. Over the years, Fagen’s music has not only reached perfection but he is also continuously evolving. The artist has toured around the world with leading musicians and made their tours special by performing his major hits that have won millions of hearts across the globe. His first sold out show was during the promotional event for his latest release ‘Morph the Cat’. The audience turnout was great and the event sold out VIP packages and other Donald Fagen tickets in outstanding numbers.
This year, Donald Fagen is all set to deliver another such rocking performance! The hits of eighties, nineties and above all the music of Steely Dan that you have always admired in all these years, you can get this all live in Donald Fagen’s concert! The event will be an amazing night featuring melodies of the rock, jazz and pop genres! Have you ever heard Fagen live? If not, then here’s a wonderful opportunity for you now! Cheap Donald Fagen tickets are usually a hard find near his concert and only if you act fast you can get the tickets now. So what are you waiting for? Hurry and get Donald Fagen tickets before the discount offers run out and you miss out on the chance to listen to the outstanding melodies that have highlighted three complete decades for rock and jazz music!

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