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DNCE came together in 2015 when Joe Jonas, JinJoo Lee, and Jack Lawless came together. Jonas has been living with Lawless, and the two had come up with the idea for a new band. Jonas knew Lee because she had previously played the guitar for and toured with the Jonas Brothers. The three began working on their debut album, while also trying to find a fourth member for the band.

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About DNCE

The group brought on songwriter Justin Tranter of the band Semi Precious Weapons to help Jonas with writing their songs. Cole Whittle was playing bass guitar at the time with Semi Precious Weapons and became very friendly with Jonas. He was eventually added on to the roster as the fourth member of the band.

The name of the band was derived from a song that they had written for their debut album. The lyrics were about being too intoxicated to be able to spell the word ‘dance.’ The band has elaborated on their name choice by saying that it’s unconventional, and that reflects the band members themselves. JinJoo Lee said that to her, the name also reflected the fact that there is no correct way to dance; you can dance any which way you want.

To prepare for their music debut, the band launched their official Instagram page in September 2015 and began playing secret shows across New York City.

It’s Time to DNCE

DNCE’s debut single ‘Cake by the Ocean’ was released in late September, 2015 and went on to become a chart topping hit in numerous countries around the world. The following month, DNCE released their first extended play album Swaay, which featured four songs. The album was met with critical acclaim and did very well on the music charts.

To promote their new album, DNCE announced a fourteen date tour in November called The Greatest Tour Ever. Each and every date on the tour sold out. The tour was a huge success and featured DNCE doing covers of old classic songs as well as playing numerous unreleased songs.

The Musical Influences of DNCE

Upon listening to DNCE, you can tell right off the bat that their sound is unique. According to band members, they have been influenced by bands like Weezer, Hall & Oates, Electric Light Orchestra, Earth, Wind & Fire, and Sly and the Family Stone.

Entertainment Weekly describes their sound as splitting "the difference between [Joe's] former band’s slick power pop and the electro-kissed pop styling’s of his solo album."

2016 for DNCE

2016 is shaping up to be a big year for DNCE. They have announced that they will be releasing their first full length studio album this year, so fans can expect new music.

They also opened the year by making a cameo on Grease: Live, a Fox TV special. On the show, they played covers of popular old songs, and did 50s inspired renditions of their hits.

Next up was the Coachella music festival, a first for the band, and a great platform from which to expand their fan base.  

It was also announced that DNCE would be the opening act for Selena Gomez on her Revival Tour. Catch DNCE live this year and hear their infectious and catchy tunes for yourself. Get your DNCE tickets soon for the Revival Tour; tickets are expected to sell out fast.


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