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The Dillinger Escape Plan is a mathcore band like no other. Their head-banging electrifying music is what fans wait for and are thrilled with every new release and live performance. Talking about the band’s live performance, Dillinger Escape Lawrence is an upcoming one which fans can now enjoy by booking Dillinger Escape Lawrence tickets.

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About Dillinger Escape Plan Lawrence Tickets

It was the time since the disbanding of a hardcore punk band, Arcane, that the Dillinger Escape Plan came into existence. This new band which featured the guitarist Ben Weinman from the previous band did not need to struggle much to make itself known; it was a hit right from the start. After two critically acclaimed EPs, the band released its debut album and from there began a journey of amazing music which continues to blow away fans till the present day. The band has kept up with the changes in music all this while and has always displayed great virtuosity in both music and lyrics.  
From an underground metal act to a mainstream mathcore band, the Dillinger Escape Plan proved that hard work really does pay off. The ever-growing fan base of the band is a testament that the band members are dedicated to touring and performing live and puts in a lot of energy in their acts. With cheap Dillinger Escape Lawrence tickets, fans can now enjoy a powerful live performance without worrying about the bucks spent.
You haven’t tasted true mathcore until you have seen the Dillinger Escape Plan in a live performance. Get your tickets right away!