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One band who has become the pulse of punk rock music over the last few decades is the German music group Die Toten Hosen. Over the years, this band has made its presence felt in the punk rock and alternative rock music genre and continues to churn out fine albums one after the other. This band has also played an important part in influencing a number of upcoming new bands. One rocking evening awaits you so come to the venue and enjoy the music of this superb group and don’t forget to buy Die Toten Hosen tickets beforehand.

About Die Toten Hosen Tickets

This German band originated in the city of Dusseldorf in Germany in the year 1982. The name Die Toten Hosen in English means The Dead Beats. In Germany the band is signed with JKP Records whereas in the US they are represented by Charisma Records. The initial founding lineup consisted of Walter November Trini Trimpop, Campino and Andi. Later on Trimpop and November departed to pursue their music career with other groups and the current lineup apart from Campino and Andi consist of Michael Breiti, Kuddel Holst and Vom George Ritichie. The band’s music is a blend of punk rock, heavy metal and alternative rock.
Die Toten Hosen is among the very few bands who happened to have to have a string of successful albums to their name, interesting fact to know is that all the thirteen studio albums have managed to sell at least half a million or a million copies in Germany earning either a gold or a platinum status. Out of these thirteen albums, ten have managed to chart not on in Germany but also in Switzerland and Austria. During a career that spans over three decades the band has churned out some finest punk rock albums, their debut was with Opel-Gang that came out in the year 1983 and went on to earn a gold certification. This was followed soon by two more gold certified albums namely Unter falscher Flagge and Damenwahl. In the year 1987 Never Mind the Hosen, Here’s Die Roten Hosen made history by becoming the first album by the group to chart at #21 in Germany, it also earned a gold status. The very next year Toten Hosen released another super hit album, it sold well and was certified 3x gold and landed at #7 both on German as well as Swiss charts.
The year 1990 saw the release of Auf dem Kreuzzug ins Gluck that became the first album by the band that went 1x Platinum and topped German Charts. During the time between 1991 to 1993 Toten Hosen managed to release two more gold certified albums Learning English Lesson One and Kauf MICH!. From the year 1996 onwards till 2012 the group has released seven studio albums out of which three went gold and four went platinum. The last five albums released by Die Toten Hosen continuously topped German charts and managed to land in the top ten on Swiss and Austrian charts. The latest album by Die Toten Hosen is Ballast der Republik that was recently released and this album is the first album ever by the group that topped the charts not only in Germany but also in Switzerland and Austria. Some singles that hit the charts include “Bonie & Clyde”, “Paradies”, “Carnival in Rio”, “Friss oder Strib”, “The Guns of Brixton”, “Alles was War” and “Ich bin die Sehnuscht in dir”.
Die Toten Hosen has recently released their thirteenth studio album and are on a tour to promote it. It is renowned for its powerful rock performances and music will blow you off your feet so come and join the bash. If you want to enjoy this rocking evening then quickly get Die Toten Hosen tickets as seats are limited.

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