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Die Arzte is a celebrated German, punk music band that has released more than twenty albums since the start of their professional career in 1982. The punk rock band comprises of three multi-talented musicians, all of whom perform as well as write their songs; Farin Urlaub on guitars, Bela B. on drums and Rodrigo Gonzalez is the bass player. For all of the band’s fans out there, our webpage is providing Die Arzte tickets for their upcoming concerts this year!  In their earlier years, Die Arzte did not extensively use distortional effects in their music owing to the deficiency of funds. However, later they incorporated varying sounds as well as styles, recording complete singles in very diverse forms. The different styles that they have fused together for specific singles include metal, jazz, electronica, jazz, samba, country and a few more.

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About Die Arzte

The band was initially formed by Dirk Felsenheimer, also known as Farin Urlaub, Jan Vetter and Hans Runge, who started performing in a band called Soilent Grün. Once this band broke, Bela & Farin formed a new band and in their initial 2 years, they mostly performed in the hometown clubs. During the year 1983, the band won a rock music contest and with that money, they made their debut album Uns geht's prima... (We’re doing great). Later they were signed by Columbia Records and hence they launched their 1st long play called Debil and a 2nd one in 1984, called Im Schatten der Ärzte, meaning “"In the shadow of the doctors/Die Arzte". After the 1st two albums, a couple of more albums were released but those were mostly for “adults only”, which affected the band’s sales and they ended up in financial crisis. Their album Das ist nicht die ganze Wahrheit... however was successful enough and reached German album chart’s top ten. Die Arzte’s live compilation called Nach uns die Sintflut became the band’s 1st album to hit the number one spot on the charts, after which the band members split.
The band reunited in 1993 and made a few more albums. Their 1998 single called "Männer sind Schweine" turned out to be their 1st number one single in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Their music album called 13 also hit the number one spot in Switzerland and Germany. After ample promotions & tours in that year, the band took a break. The members came together again in the year 2000, along their album Runter mit den Spendierhosen, Unsichtbarer!, as well as 2 top ten singles. For the 3rd single of this album, the band released a thirty second song called Yoko Ono which is the record shortest song ever with a video clip, in the Guinness Book of Records. The band’s comicalness and creativity extended into the 2001 tour whereby they retailed a limited version album comprising of short-length punk tracks, which were compiled through songs and albums from prior years.
In the later part of 2002, the band organized a session of MTV Unplugged with a school band in Hamburg, released with the label of Rock'n'Roll Realschule. The band went onto release a newer version of Debil called the Devil, in 2005. This version consisted of the actual tracks along with a few B-sides, as well as prior releases of additional material.  In live concerts, the band is widely known for altering the song lyrics for a comical effect. They also include excerpts from other famous tracks into their own performances. They sometimes interpret their own singles into more punk rock styles. Owing to this creative flair, Die Arzte has earned much admiration!. Die Arzte took a very long break after performing a few shows in the year 2009. Then in 2011, the band toured with the stage name “Laternen-Joe“. A new album was announced for launching in April 2012, alongside a tour. The 1st song from the album "zeiDverschwÄndung" was released this March. So the band has been on an exciting tour this year, and our website actually has cheap Die Artze tickets up for sale! Grab yours now for some electrifying punk rock!

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