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With the sale of over a hundred million records all over the world and winner of multiple prestigious awards such as the Diamond Awards, Def Leppard is truly one of the most famous rock ‘n’ roll bands of all time. Consisting of Vivian Campbell on guitar, Joe Elliott and Phill Collen on vocals, Rick Savage on bass and Rick Allend on drums, the band continues to be one of the most influential and significant forces in the rock music arena. They have produced several groundbreaking classic albums in the course of their career that have managed to inspire generations of artists and music fans alike. The band’s live concerts always attract thousands of people and with fans yearning to get a glimpse of their favorite band, Def Leppard Edmonton tickets are selling out fast. The group almost always makes the headlines for their rocking live shows that are filled with spectacular melodic rock rhythms.

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Def Leppard is perhaps most known for their 1983 hit album “Pyromania”, which captured the hearts of rock n roll fans all over the world. The band also received a lot of critical acclaim for their 1987 work, “Hysteria”. These days the band members have got the crowd amazed with tunes from their latest release, “Slang”. It is to promote this album that they are on the road for some fantastic live shows. To be a part of one of them, get their concert tickets now.