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Three best Def Leppard Songs likely to feature on the band’s upcoming concerts

With an illustrious career spanning more than four decades, the iconic hard rockers still continue to bring it every time they hit the stage. These veteran rockers know how to keep audiences engaged and their continued popularity and collection of hit singles is a proof of their tremendous staying power. In a world where music audiences are going mad over pop music, the enduring appeal of Def Leppard is a heartening prospect for hard rock enthusiasts. As the band continues to rock stages nationwide on their recent tour, here’s a list of three of the best songs by Def Leppard that will never grow old.

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Def Leppard’s first number one hit “Photograph” played a huge role in establishing these rockers as a household name. This 80’s classic was the first single released off the influential, smash hit album Pyromania. The memorable solo guitar riff, the music video and the chorus were some of the highlights of this iconic tune that hard rock fans do not get tired of listening.


The title track from the second diamond certified album by the hard rock giants, “Hysteria” was a radio-friendly track that featured among the top ten on both the rock and pop charts

Pour Some Sugar on Me

Every Def Leppard fan has heard this one. This crossover smash is one of the biggest hits by the band peaking at number two on “The Billboard Hot 100.” The single was also responsible for propelling album sales. As the legendary rockers kick off their tour with Styx and Tesla, Def Leppard Bozeman tickets are likely to become one of the hottest tickets for rock concert tours for the year which would come as no surprise considering the repertoire of hits the band is likely to feature on their set list.

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