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David Gilmour’s first album in ten years is about to release – mark September 18 on your calendars. If this news wasn’t exciting enough, the ace guitarist topped it with the announcement of a world tour and his statement about the album. “I don’t want to overplay it but I think this is the best thing I have done. Probably ever. It’s very easy to be deluded, but I think it’s very good.” After this revelation, is there any wonder why David Gilmour Orange tickets are selling out fast?

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Reasons to Get Excited About Gilmour’s “Rattle That Lock”

Briefly reviving and then saying goodbye to Pink Floyd, David Gilmour has finally closed that chapter in his life. He is now completely focused on his solo career and according to the guitarist his fourth solo record will feature some of his best work till date. His fans and music critics certainly don’t doubt that. Here are some of the many reasons to be excited about his latest album.

  •  The album features collaborated efforts of many talented people including Gilmour’s wife, Polly Sampson.
  •  The theme of the album is “Carpe Diem” – meaning that look to the future, seize every moment and just do it.
  •  Gilmour released the title song and it’s simply marvelous. It has laid the foundation for the entire album and fans can’t wait for it to come out.
  •  He has given a sneak peek of two more singles, “Girl with a Yellow Dress” and “Boots on the Ground”. Classy numbers with superb beats, they will leave you screaming for more.
  •  It’s David Gilmour for God's sake! That enough should be the reason to get mighty excited about the album.