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Among the most enduring and influential guitarists of all time, David Gilmour surprised many when he announced an extended world tour in support of his fourth solo record. “Rattle That Lock” will come out on September 18, 2015 and already the artist is rattling his fans worldwide with epic performances. Gilmour had never been enthusiastic about tours and even during his time with Pink Floyd, he would get on the tour bus without any much excitement. A pleasant change nevertheless, there are some who believe this might be his last tour, so diehard fans are rushing for their David Gilmour Los Angeles tickets.

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Thematic Mastermind & Lyrical Genius - 5 Best David Gilmour Songs

A man of many talents, David Gilmour has contributed a lot to the success of Pink Floyd. His memorable melodies, mind-blowing guitar skills and strong vocals were behind the band’s many hit songs.

  1. “Not Now John” - The blazing rocker features Gilmour’s blooming vocals and driving guitar rhythm.
  2. “Young Lust” - A standout rocker, it includes David’s turbo-charged guitar solo and blistering vocals.
  3. “Learning to Fly” - The song has a dream-like feel to it and features soaring vocals and guitars by Gilmour.
  4. “Breathe” - The lap steel guitar set and feathery voice of David Gilmour has made it one of the best songs by the artist.
  5. “Comfortably Numb” – The single has become a classic David Gilmour staple and his live shows are incomplete without him rocking this number.