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If you want to enjoy the real taste of pop music, if you feel the need for a concert that fills you with excitement and energy, wait no more! David Cassidy brings you the experience you have been longing for!

About David Cassidy Tickets

David Bruce Cassidy is an American born singer, songwriter, actor and guitarist. He was born on 12th April 1950 in New York. In the year 1969 Cassidy gave his first appearance in The Fig Leaves Are Falling which was a musical produced by Broadway. Though the musical could not do very well but Cassidy’s talent did not go unnoticed and he was asked to give a screen test. In 1969 he signed a contract with Universal Studios and became a part of the television series like Bonanza, Ironside, M.D., Marcus Welby and Adam-12 and after a year had passed he played the role of Keith Partridge.
The Partridge Family Series was produced by Paul Junger Witt and directed by Bernard Slade. David Cassidy’s good looks proved to be a reason for his success but he did not want to rely only on his looks and insisted on showing the world how talented he was as a singer. Wes Farrell, who was a music producer, was assured by Cassidy that he should be given a chance to perform as a lead singer. After the success of I Think I Love You he began working on his albums. His dedication and hard work allowed him to produce his first single Cherish from the album entitled Cherish which proved to be milestone in his career. It topped the charts and secured ninth position in the United States of America.
In 1985 David Cassidy signed a contract with Arista and under their banner he released another single The Last Kiss which was an instant success and won sixth position in the United Kingdom. This song was made a part of the album entitled Romance and the background vocals were done by George Michael. The album won gold in both Canada and Australia. With his song Lyin' To Myself, released in the year 1990 David was included in the American Top Forty. Later on in the year 1988 he gave another hit to the music industry No Bridge I Wouldn't Cross from his album titled Old Trick, New Dog which yet again proved to be an instant success. Success never ended for this outstanding artist and again in 2001 his album Then and Now did platinum and earned him a position in the Top five of the UK album charts.
David Cassidy’s work has been acknowledged internationally at the highest of levels, and the list of awards he received is very long. He is renowned for his passion for music, and for all the lovers of music, David Cassidy Tickets are perceived as an opportunity to witness the maestro at his best.