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Established in the year 1995, Creed is an American band that performs in the genre of rock music. It was in the city of Tallahassee situated in the state of Florida where the band originated from. The band currently consists of four members that include Mark Tremonti on vocals and guitars, Scott Stapp who is the main vocalist, Scott Phillips playing the drums and lastly Brian Marshall on bass guitar. After their formation it was in the year 1997 that the band released its debut album through the record label company Wind up. Their debut album was called “My Own Prison” and was able to receive platinum certification throughout the United States. Their next album came forward two years later, in the year 1999 and was named “Human Clay”. This album was also able to get platinum certification. Their third album also went platinum and was able to earn this band great fame and popularity in the mainstream music. The third album was called “Weathered” and was released in the year 2001.

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After the release of this album, the band dismantled due to fights and quarrels between the members. Three of the members from Creed went on to form another rock band called Alter Bridge which included Mark Tremonti, Brian Marshall and Scott Phillips. Only Scott Stapp didn’t join in and decided to embark on a solo career. It was in the year 2009 when the band reunited under their official name for a tour. During this time they came forward with their fourth album that was released in the same year and was named “Full Circle”. Currently the band has reunited again in 2012 to work on a fifth album and headlining tours, so if you wish to become a part of their next rock performance, you should think about purchasing cheap Creed tickets immediately.
Amongst their three multi-platinum albums, one has also been able to achieve Diamond certification selling over twenty eight million records only in the US, making this rock band a phenomenal ensemble. They have been able to sell over forty million records worldwide and are said to be on the number nine spot on the best selling artists list. The band has been ranked by Billboard as being the eighteen best selling artist since the year 2000. So become witness to this sensational artist’s performance at their next concert and remember to purchase Creed tickets beforehand.
It was in the year 1993 that the foundation for the formation of the band was laid. Two founding members; Mark Tremonti and Scott Stapp decided to come together and perform and write music during their undergraduate degree. While studying in the Florida State University, the duo started making music, which was mostly based upon Pentecostal and Christian theology due to Scott Stapp’s strong religious beliefs. They soon began holding auditions for two more band members and inducted Scott Phillips on drums and Brian Marshall on bass. After the completion of the band members, the band was first named Naked Toddler. The name of the band was changed to its official name after Brian Marshall’s suggestion who had previously worked in a band that was named Maddox Creed.
They then started playing at local bars in the Tallahassee area. Upon their initiation the band had to face massive struggles in order to acquire playing grounds, mostly due to the fact that the kind of music they played hadn’t acquired mainstream fame. The very first album that they recorded was with the help of T. G. I. Friday’s manager who after hearing their original singles wanted to create an album. With only six thousand dollars the band was able to release its debut album through their own record label company that was called Blue Collar Records. Their album was album to sell around six thousands records throughout Florida. It was in the year 1997 that the band had a change of fate when Diana Meltzer heard the album and decided to sign the band up with Wind Up Records. The album was remixed and rereleased in the year 1997 and four singles out of the album were able to acquire the number one spot on the Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks. If you wish to listen to your favorite rock songs from their four studio albums, all that needs to be done is that you acquire Creed tickets without any further delay.

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