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A recent entry into the world of music for the genre of country music, Corey Smith, is among the hot favorites in the college teenagers’ list. In a span of five years, he has changed his status from being a new entrant in music to the internationally acclaimed singer. The secret behind his early success is the incredible live performances. He has got the voice, an awesome personality and certainly knows the way to create magic with his vocals and music together. This spell continues to mesmerize the audiences with the amazing acoustic melodies to date.

About Corey Smith

Corey Smith unlike a few other musicians was not carried away by his passion of music. He had the desire to play music and pursue a professional career in the same direction since childhood but did not give up on his education for it. He waited for the right time and opportunity.  Smith successfully completed his education with a degree in social studies while continuing with music side by side. His performances at the local clubs and parties got popular among peers making him confident about his talent. It was this time when Corey Smith was actually looking to insert the key of his passion in the right slot to open the door of success for him. He didn’t have to wait for a longer period of time for this.
His talent found way of getting exposed at a larger scale. The artist participated in a music competition and getting through successfully won the prize of recording an album. Overjoyed by the result of the competition, he started working on his first album. ‘Undertones’, being his debut album was composed of rhythmic acoustic melodies and happened to be a phenomenal success. The incredible response of the album left the critics and his peers quite surprised. It was just one launch and Corey Smith marked his position in the industry as a star with a promising future in music.

The artist has released six albums so far with a distinct composition of acoustic melodies. Smith for his songwriting takes the inspiration from people and life. According to the artist ‘I try to do what is natural’. His love for people and interacting with them makes him a successful live performer. It is not just the inspiration, people happen to be the subject of his songs. In his view, they are fond of being reminded that the life of super stars and common man does not differ in making struggles.

Corey Smith being a people’s person has a great fan following. His concerts are just him and his music. He interacts with people and builds a relationship with them.  He desires that his ‘music reaches out to as many ears as possible’. Loved by people across the globe he stands ‘people’ (fans) responsible for making his career. 
The artist adopts a personal approach in delivering his music. Being against the idea of doing mainstream music, he takes the criticisms positively and invests his energy in the right direction.

The artist is ready for a rocking live concert this year. Corey Smith will perform all his hit singles including the world famous Sweet Sorrow’, ‘Dirtier By The Year’ and ‘The Tell Tale’ among others. So all country music lovers out there, it is time to enjoy. Take the pleasure of meeting the artist who does not only brings in entertainment for people but looks forward in making a long term relationship with them. Smith makes his audiences the subject of his songs and when performing live he forgets that other things exist. Forming a bond with his fans, he simply loves entertaining them, showcasing his passion and love for music live. Corey Smith Tickets are available for his next live concert. Check out the concert schedule online and place the order before they are all sold out!

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